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Clegg Challenged On MPs Expenses – Press Release

Paul Holmes, the Lib Dem MP for Chesterfield admitted making a £9,500 profit in a deal with his landlord that also resulted in the taxpayer paying out thousands of pounds in higher rent, furniture and removal costs.

Toby Perkins, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Chesterfield said; ” I have written to Nick Clegg following his media appearances today concerning his request to Sir Thomas Legg to extend his enquiry into MPs’ property dealings, when one of his own backbench MPs has steadfastly refused to pay back a profit from a property transaction that has cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds.”

“The Lib Dems are allegedly committed to changes to the expenses system that will stop MPs making a profit from property that they own. This transaction seems questionable to many people in Chesterfield and I ask Mr Clegg to state publicly what he thinks about it.”

The letter to Mr Clegg in full read:

Dear Mr Clegg

I read media coverage of your request for Sir Thomas Legg to extend his enquiry, to include property profiteering.

I would therefore welcome your comments, on the conduct of the Liberal Democrat MP for Chesterfield, Paul Holmes who by his own admittance made at least a £9,500 profit (before tax) when agreeing to move out of the Dolphin Square apartment block, only to move back in there a few months later.

The taxpayer picked up a hugely increased rent bill for Mr Holmes over the months that followed this transaction, as well as paying for his removal fees and for new furniture to welcome him back into the same block of apartments he had recently left.

Mr Holmes claims that he is ‘happy with his actions’ on this, yet it would seem to a reasonable observer that his actions were taken with his personal gain as a forethought.

I believed from your interview this morning that this incident is precisely the sort of affair that you would take a dim view of, and so am surprised that Mr Holmes has never made any suggestion that he is considering paying this money back, nor am I aware that you have ever commented on this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you on this matter in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Toby Perkins

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Chesterfield (Labour)

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