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Expenses Update – August

One of my pledges during the election was to publish monthly any expenses claimed, so that there would be complete transparency for constituents to understand what costs were associated with my role as their MP and to allow them to scrutinise those expenses as soon as possible after the event. Many of you will be aware that the first few months of the new independent expenses regime, IPSA, has not run entirely smoothly, so many items have still not been reimbursed, but as time was marching on, I wanted to publish the headline costs so far.

I am in the process of developing the website so that we might improve constituent’s access to the information, and we will be speaking to IPSA about how this might be achieved. I believe that all expenses that have been claimed so far are listed here, but if I have omitted any they will be added subsequently.

The main headings under which costs have been incurred are: Constituency office costs, Westminster office, staffing and staff training, London rented home, travel and subsistence.

Under constituency office costs, in the period May – August 2010 we have so far claimed for the following:

Phone Bill – May £86.95

July £91.33

Advertising Staveley surgeries (June)– £193.45

 July 79.10

Room hire (Staveley surgery) June £15.50

July & August (to follow) £31

Decorating office (painting) £360.00

Blinds £65

Toners (August) £396.87

Filing cabinet £64.63

Valuation of office premises £293.75 IPSA require all offices rented from the political party have an official ‘Red Book’ valuation certificate to prove that the amount of rent being paid is not excessive. This cost is for the provision of that valuation report.

Key cutting £9.03

Westminster Office

Toners (July) £143.64

Stationery (office supplies for set up) £543.46 A full copy of this invoice will be attached forthwith.

Travel / Subsistence

Train travel- Most weeks I travel down to London on Monday and return on a Thursday. Usually, I travel outside of peak hours to minimise the cost and have therefore been able to keep weekly train costs down to £60 per week in line with my pledge to get best value possible for the taxpayer.

May £120

June £204.00

July £405.50

August £88

Parking £24 The first week that I travelled down I parked for three days at Chesterfield station at a cost of £8 per day, subsequently I have relied on lifts from my wife or on one occasion a taxi back to the Chesterfield office

Taxi (Chest £3.45)

Taxi July London £17  on one occasion I had to return to Chesterfield for a Council meeting, and was still required to attend a vote in London after the meeting, I had to get a taxi from St Pancras to Parliament to prevent missing the vote. Normally I catch a tube.

Petrol – £122 When moving into my rented London flat I took my car down loaded up with some possessions.

Congestion charge £8

Food- On nights of a late vote, MP’s are reimbursed for a meal if they will be required in parliament after 7.00pm. I have only claimed if I will be in parliament until after 10pm. Total over 3 months – £20.60

Staff & staff training

I employ 2 staff in Chesterfield an Office Manager/ Caseworker and a Parliamentary Assistant, and 1 Parliamentary Assistant in London. The monthly salaries cost for July (which will be fairly typical going forward) was around £6500 plus NI and pension. The total cost for the three months will be lower than normal because there was noone employed for the first six weeks or so, whilst we were recruiting. I will update these figures with the exact costs when I have them from IPSA.

Staff training £269.99

Staff travel- June £60

August £165.00

London Home- Since 12th June 2010, I have been living in a rented one bedroom flat during the week in London. This is within walking distance of Westminster and costs £1430 per month. Prior to that time I was grateful to be put up free gratis at the home of North East Derbyshire MP Natascha Engel!!

There was a starting deposit of £1900, which was paid by advance from IPSA and will be reimbursed to them when I leave the flat.

In addition to the rental cost there will be additional costs for Council Tax, utilities etc associated with having somewhere in London, these have not yet been invoiced or claimed for, so will appear in future updates.

TV licence £145

Additional Info

For the items that feature multiple items on an invoice or are not entirely transparent here (eg stationery), I will provide a copy of the invoice, and am just working out how to produce that on the website.

If you have any queries about any of the items listed here, then please contact my office in writing and we will be happy to ensure that there is complete transparency.

One Response to “Expenses Update – August”

  1. Wayne Allen says:

    I am impressed with the detail of the expenses. If you are booking train journeys in advance then they will be cheaper – I am sure you are able to plan.

    I have found it is possible to get 1st class for around £20 – £30 return. I am sure that at those prices no on can begrudge you that.

    Keep on the good work.



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