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Back of the net! Toby Perkins MP joins football stars to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Back of the net! Toby Perkins MP joins football stars to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

With around £30,000 raised, and more than one childhood dream fulfilled, celebrities and MPs held a football match at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday 17th May to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The Trust is the largest charity devoted to raising funds to help support members of the community suffering from the most common hereditary disease.

Toby Perkins, Labour Member of Parliament for Chesterfield, dusted off his gloves and donned his boots ahead of his second game between the sticks in a Parliamentary Football Club jersey. However, the enormity of his task lining up against several former professionals, including former Chelsea hero Gus Poyet, and Olympic star Darren Campbell soon became clear as the six foot six goalie was tested with a number of shots early on. Toby’s shift came to a close at half time having conceded a respectable two goals, and having managed a succession of saves at the feet of the celebrity strike force.

The final score ended 6-4 to the Cystic Fibrosis celebrity outfit, with the Parliamentarians almost inflicting an ego-damaging draw against players once gracing the same West London pitch in Premier League matches. 

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the benefactor of the money raised by the football match, has carried out substantial research into CF since 1964, and has introduced clinical benefits to people affected by Cystic Fybrosis using money raised across the UK. The Trust has also pioneered an information drive to advise and highlight the symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis nationwide.

Following the final whistle Mr. Perkins said:-

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is a fantastic charity which does so much to invest in scientific research and clinical progress for those people living with CF and it is such a privilege to support them in that role. The opportunity to play alongside such stars, many of whom I have seen from the terraces, was a great experience and the turnout of such talent shows just how many people are aware of the CFT and the excellent work it does across the UK”.

A spokesperson for the CF Trust said: “It was a fantastic day and the MPs really gave our team a run for their money this year, at one point it looked like it might be a draw. We’ve raised over £30,000 from this event and are really grateful to everyone who played”.

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Getting down to business: MP meets with industry leaders to help kick start local economy

Getting down to business: MP meets with industry leaders to help kick start local economy

Twenty- Four delegates of leading Chesterfield businesses and voluntary organizations met at the impressive Casa Hotel on Friday 13th May to meet with Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins to discuss potential developments to the local business community as well as the barriers facing firms in the current economic climate.

From local company Vecstar to Ashgate Hospice, representatives consistently hailed the Chesterfield workforce and announced plans to help develop re-training and vocational courses to enhance the skill base of the local community. Mr. Perkins echoed his support for the Derbyshire Times 100-in-100 Campaign in partnership with the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce, and hailed the league champions, Chesterfield FC, and the feel-good-factor created by its achievement this season.

Of particular concern to businesses was the rise in VAT making fuel more expensive, and voluntary organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to attract donations from many businesses forced to tighten the purse strings.

Following the meeting Mr. Perkins said:-

“Meeting with local leading businesses and voluntary organizations gives all those responsible for driving forward our town’s economy the opportunity to share ideas, to work together and to demand that Chesterfield continues to succeed despite the Government’s cuts programme. The future will be tough, there is no denying that fact, but if the wider business community lobbies for additional training and support, transport links and capital investment the town can emerge strong and ready to compete in an increasingly global business environment”.

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Toby Perkins MP Welcomes Climate Change Decision

Toby Perkins MP Welcomes Climate Change Decision

Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, has welcomed the government’s decision to accept the recommendations of the independent climate change committee as “an important step to the low carbon economy that we need and a credit to the hard work of climate change campaigners.”

“I am glad that after all the disagreements in the cabinet, the government have now done the right thing and accepted the independent advice of scientists.”

Today’s commitments to carbon reductions are a result of Labour’s historic 2008 Climate Change Act which established the committee on climate change and set the world’s first legally binding targets for cutting carbon emissions.

Following reports that the committee’s fourth report would be the first to be rejected by the government, Labour leader Ed Miliband wrote to the prime minister urging the government to take the lead on this issue.

Mr Perkins said that the government’s decision would be welcomed by Labour MPs. “All opposition members will commend the government on doing the right thing today, but we will remain vigilant to prevent any back-sliding on today’s promises including an ‘opt-out’ of targets or scrapping environmental regulations on business”.

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Lib Dems blitzed in Council landslide

A political earthquake went off  under the Liberal Democrats as Labour swept to power in Chesterfield, winning 34 of the 48 seats, including 23 gains, in the elections to Chesterfield Borough Council on Thursday 5th May.

As the Lib Dems struggled with an unpopular government and local party it was widely expected that they would struggle to hold on to the Council, despite having a large majority from the 2007 elections, but the scale of the defeat surpised even seasoned politicos, as Labour took control with a swing in excess of 15%.

Amongst the 23 seats to switch to Labour on a night of carnage for veteran Lib Dem Councillors were the Holmebrook seat of former Mayor and Mayoress Keith And Glenis Falconer, the Moor seat of former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate and Housing lead member Tony Rogers and the Hollingwood and Inkersall seat of Mayor elect Mick Bagshaw.

The full results were:

Barrow Hill & Whittington (three councillors) Lib Dem Hold SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 14.28%

David Stone – Lib Dem – 898 votes

Barry Bingham – Lib Dem – 865 votes

Paul Christopher Stone – Lib Dem – 807 votes

John Hoar – Labour – 796 votes

Stephanie Hoar – Labour – 789 votes

Stephen Lismore – Labour – 759 votes

Brimington North (two councillors) Labour Hold SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 15.38%

John Burrows – Labour – 886 votes

Terry Gilby – Labour – 822 votes

Gary Bagshaw – Lib Dem – 249 votes

Graham Ryder – Lib Dem – 202 votes

Brimington South (three councillors) LABOUR GAIN – SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 14.12%

Anthony Bellamy – Labour – 1,279 votes

Ian Callan – Labour – 1,244 votes

Julie Lowe – Labour – 1,173 votes

Ruth Galloway – Lib Dem – 820 votes

Peter Galloway – Lib Dem – 776 votes

Joseph Mann – Lib Dem – 724 votes

Brockwell (three councillors) Lib Dem Hold SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 15.15%

Maureen Davenport – Lib Dem – 1,147 votes

Ray Russell – Lib Dem – 1,089 votes

Robert Gibson – Lib Dem – 1,081 votes

Jenna Foster – Labour – 980 votes

Mick Leverton – Labour – 935 votes

Tom Murphy – Labour – 897 votes

Christopher Connolly – Green Party – 327 votes

Frederick Parkinson – Conservatives -254 votes

Dunston (three councillors) LABOUR GAIN – SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 17.51%

Gordon Simmons – Labour – 1,136 votes

Sarah Hollingworth – Labour – 1,134 votes

Mark Rayner – Labour – 1,103 votes

Julie Harrington – Lib Dem – 710 votes

Lee Cooper – Lib Dem – 662 votes

John Barnett – Lib Dem – 608 votes

Hasland (three councillors) LABOUR GAIN – SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 13.03%

Dave Allen – Labour – 1,435 votes

Amanda Serjeant – Labour – 1,195 votes

Andy Slack – Labour – 1,185 votes

Helen Arnold – Lib Dem – 915 votes

Bridget Dunks – Lib Dem – 848 votes

Barbara Butt – Lib Dem – 718 votes

Hollingwood & Inkersall (three councillors) LABOUR GAIN – SWING LIB DEM TO LAB25.24%

Helen Elliot – Labour – 1,440 votes

Barry Dyke – Labour – 1,400 votes

Anthony Hill – Labour – 1,330 votes

Mick Bagshaw – Lib Dem – 868 votes

Paul Mann – Lib Dem – 827 votes

Ruth Perry – Lib Dem – 783 votes

Holmebrook (two councillors) LABOUR GAIN – SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 29.51%

Keith Miles – Labour – 760 votes

Martin Stone – Labour – 755 votes

Keith Falconer – Lib Dem – 581 votes

Glenys Falconer – Lib Dem – 576 votes

Linacre (two councillors) Lib Dem Hold SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 3.83%

Mark Anthony Higginbottom – Lib Dem – 914 votes

Ian Barr – Lib Dem – 832 votes

Helen Blair – Labour – 507 votes

Gavin Balduaf-Good – Labour – 504 votes

Loundsley Green (two councillors) LABOUR GAIN – SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 21.34%

Avis Murphy – Labour – 723 votes

Michael Fanshawe – Labour – 687 votes

Fred Quayle – Lib Dem – 553 votes

Nick Redihough – Lib Dem – 478 votes

Simon Temperton – Conservatives – 115 votes

Lowgates & Woodthorpe (two councillors) – Labour Hold SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 15.79%

Jim McManus – Labour – 863 votes

Vicky Lang – Labour – 838 votes

Stephen Hartley – Lib Dem – 408 votes

Jean Yates – Lib Dem – 368 votes

Middlecroft & Poolsbrook (two councillors) Labour Hold SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 17.47%

Chris Ludlow – Labour – 894 votes

Donald Parsons – Labour – 871 votes

Joan Mann – Lib Dem – 210 votes

Sonia Lloyd-Croydon – Lib Dem – 196 votes

Moor (two councillors) LABOUR GAIN –SWING LIB DEM TO LAB  21.50%

Keith Brown – Labour – 846 votes

Graham King – Labour – 788 votes

Tony Rodgers – Lib Dem – 646 votes

Joanne Favreau – Lib Dem -565 votes

Old Whittington (two councillors) LABOUR GAIN – SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 16.29%  

Neil Rayner – Labour – 701 votes

Jean Innes – Labour – 698 votes

Alan Craw – Lib Dem -538 votes

Stephanie Collins – Lib Dem – 503 votes

Rother (three councillors) Labour Hold Swing 16.41% LIB DEM TO LAB

Stewart Bradford – Labour – 1,134 votes

Jenny Flood – Labour – 1,029 votes

Stuart Brittain – Labour – 1,032 votes

Elizabeth Archer – Lib Dem – 327 votes

Clive Archer – Lib Dem – 299 votes

John Maher – Lib Dem – 290 votes

Linda Rowley – Conservatives – 239 votes

St Helens (two councillors) LABOUR GAIN – SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 26.41% 

Angela Everitt – Labour – 852 votes

Trevor Reynolds – Labour – 784 votes

Keith Lomas – Lib Dem – 541 votes

Roy Pastoll – Lib Dem – 442 votes

St Leonards (three councillors) LABOUR GAIN – 12.28% Swing to Labour

Sharon Blank – Labour – 1,440 votes

Ken Huckle – Labour – 1,239 votes

Nick Stringer – Labour – 1,124 votes

Adrian Mather – Lib Dem – 942 votes

Kieran Harley – Lib Dem – 870 votes

Jean Barr – Lib Dem – 866 votes

Walton (three councillors) Lib Dem hold Swing LIB DEM TO LAB 14.04%

Patrick Morgan – Lib Dem – 1,237 votes

Alexis Diouf – Lib Dem – 1,146 votes

Chris Collard – Lib Dem –  1,190 votes

Richard Foster – Labour – 620 votes

Nigel Saul – Labour – 574 votes

Chris Witham – Labour – 564 votes

Paul Dale – Conservatives – 519 votes

Stuart Bullock – Conservatives – 516 votes

Marcus Linsey – Conservatives – 515 votes

West (three councillors) Lib Dem Hold SWING LIB DEM TO LAB 16.52%

Howard Borrell – Lib Dem – 1,165 votes

Denise Hawksworth – Lib Dem – 1,111 votes

Shirley Niblock – Lib Dem – 1,106 votes

Ray Catt – Labour – 736 votes

John Boult – Conservatives – 730 votes

Elizabeth Newbold – Labour – 719 votes

David Gratton – Conservatives – 650 votes

Dijon Wall – Labour – 636 votes

Patrick Ralph – Green Party – 235 votes

Toby Perkins MP, who joined delighted Councillors and supporters at the count and post count celebrations at the Labour Club, said: ” I am absolutely thrilled with these results. Now we can really see the town go from strength to strength, I am excited that we were able to field such a strong team and I am sure that they will be a tremendous asset to the town. Under John Burrows and Terry Gilby’s leadership they are capable of making a real difference to the future of Chesterfield and Staveley and their local communities.

I wish them well as they set out to handle the pressing financial problems they inherit on Chesterfield Borough Council and the forthcoming government cuts.

This victory was a message to Nick Clegg to stop supporting the Tory cuts, and to start standing up for the policies and values he displayed during the 2010 election. It is also the end of the line for this Lib Dem Council and a message that people are ready to see the town go in a new and exciting direction. “

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