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Expenses Update April – June 2011

The expenses claimed over the period1st April to 30th June 2011 were as follows:

Constituency Office costs:

The Chesterfield constituency office cost £1495 per quarter; this includes rent, gas, electric, water, rates and car parking spaces. The payment for Quarter 3 2011 was claimed in this period.

In addition following two significant security alerts and a visit from Crime prevention officers at Derbyshire Police, there were a number of additional security measures put in place at the Chesterfield office.


These were: New Access system with intercom – £1,171.16

New Alarm system £918.86

New External doors £2,362.00 (up to appropriate fire protected standards)

New internal locks and keys £159.18

New maintenance contract to include Police notification system £259.20

IT systems

Set up charge for IT systems – £239.98

We also paid our annual licence fee for our casework software which was £350 in March.

Phone Bills

I claim for only 75% of the cost of my mobile phone, this came to £42.02 in April and £63.36 in May.

There were also Broadband hire charges of £28.21 for May and £67.09 for June and a telephone bill of £217.60 for the Chesterfield office in May.

Hire of Staveley Hall for surgery £31 My surgeries are weekly at my offices in Chesterfield, but once a month, I hold a surgery in Staveley, this bill covers invoices from March and May.

Travel costs

Train travel from Chesterfield to London:

28th Feb- 23rd March £785.20 (this includes four journeys for constituency staff to come to London)

24th March- 23rd April £127

24th April- 24th May £348.10

On 1 occasion in June I drove to London and on this occasion there were costs of:

Petrol £136.80 and Congestion charge £9

Usually my wife picks me up and drops me off at the station costs for petrol for June and July were £32.40

If I am very late or very early going to westminster, I get a taxi in Chesterfield. The taxi is cheaper than parking at Chesterfield station, which is now £9 a day (£36 for the four day trip to London).

Taxi Bills – Chesterfield

May – £3.90

June £12.30

In addition on two occasions my family had to get back to St Pancras stations at weekends when there was no tube service from the nearest tube station to my London flat and due to the time involved they got a taxi, totalling £38.40

I live within reasonable walking distance of the House of Commons and generally walk home regardless of the time, however taxi fares are claimable when the House sits beyond 11.00pm. On three occasions inclement weather or sickness has meant that I have ended up getting a taxi home after late sittings to a total cost of:

May £6.40

June £14

Costs associated with London flat

Electricity bill June £95.25

Gas £34.08

TV Licence £145.50


April £1430

May £1430

As of June my rent went up to £1,490, although IPSa have not yet changed the amount and so it will still show on my expenses as £1,430 until the IPSA have altered their records.

Food (Food is only claimed for evening meals in the event of parliament sitting past 8.00pm, receipts are provided for any food claimed)

April/ May £60

June £77.65

Travel within constituency

Mileage attending constituency appointments was:

April/ May £74.35

June £37.80

Also a parking bill of £2.20.

Stationery, Toners and Ancillaries

Stationery bills were for




and £53.69

Plus a bill for a desk fan in June (when we were still expecting a summer) for £16.99

and a toner bill for £84.66 in June and £320.40 on 31st March.

Accomodation (staff)

Two members of staff from my Chesterfield office attended parliament for a training course/ meeting and overnight acoomodation was provided for one night of the two day trip, the total cost was £204.90

I believe that this summarises all the invoices claimed in April to June 2011, if you have any queries with any of these, then contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.


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