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Toby Perkins MP observes an immunisation.

MP Honours GPs and Nurses for Vaccine Success

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins is celebrating the outstanding achievements of GPs, nurses and practice staff in protecting more Derbyshire children than ever before from serious diseases.

Toby Perkins MP observes an immunisation.

Toby Perkins MP observes an immunisation.

A special visit, hosted by NHS Derbyshire County and NHS North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group, was held at Holywell House Medical Group’s Grange Surgery on Stubbings Lane, to mark the achievement.

During the visit, Mr Perkins met patients, saw a baby clinic in action, and spoke to key staff involved in overseeing the childhood vaccination programme, including nurses and practice staff.

Last month health bosses from NHS Derbyshire County revealed that take-up of jabs protecting children from highly infectious diseases were at a record high in the county.

The primary care trust was one of the highest performing NHS organisatiosn in the East Midlands for protecting children aged two and five from measles, mumps and rubella by giving them their MMR booster jab, and for giving two-year-olds their Hib/meningitis C booster jab.

Toby Perkins, Member of Parliament for Chesterfield, said: “Everyone wants to give their child the best start in life but not everyone is aware of the importance of immunisations.

“I congratulate NHS Derbyshire County for their success in getting this vital message across. The NHS was conceived in a time when curable diseases were rife, people suffered unnecessarily and died of preventable illness.

Mr Perkins added: “At a time when the NHS is facing some of its biggest challenges yet, it is great that NHS Derbyshire County can still enjoy such tremendous success.”

Jayne Stringfellow, acting chief nurse for NHS North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We’re privileged that Toby Perkins MP is paying a special tribute to the outstanding efforts of GPs, nurses, health professionals and practice staff in Derbyshire who protect the community at large from potentially deadly diseases.

“Without them, serious illnesses like measles could quickly return to the community, so we’re honoured that their achievements are being recognised as these jabs really do protect the most vulnerable from unthinkable suffering.”

The childhood vaccination programme protects children against ten infectious diseases. Health bosses also say that uptake for childhood vaccines in the first part of this year are at their highest yet – with government targets being achieved for all vaccines offered in the programme for the first time ever. NHS Derbyshire County also achieved the second highest coverage for three out of six of the jabs in the East Midlands.


Highlights from NHS Derbyshire County’s 2011 to 2012 yearly figures include:


  • 97% of one-year-olds had their diphtheria, tetanus, polio, whooping vaccine, and hib.
  • 96.3% had their Hib/meningitis C booster jab at two years old, the highest on record for NHS Derbyshire County
  • 94.9% of two-year-olds had the PCV vaccine, up from 90.7% three years previously, also the highest on record for NHS Derbyshire County
  • 94.5% of two-year olds had the MMR vaccine, up from 91% three years previously, and just a half percentage point off the ‘herd immunity target’


Anyone needing help planning their child’s vaccination programme can find a useful checklist online at

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Toby Perkins MP with staff from One to One Support Services

Toby Perkins MP Celebrates with Chesterfield Firm

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins has visited a Hasland-based training and care provider to celebrate a top award.

Toby Perkins MP with staff from One to One Support Services

Toby Perkins MP with staff from One to One Support Services

One to One Support Services, established in 2006, provide care in the domiciliary sector and training to potential carers.

Investors in People, an organisation which recognises and promotes good people management, has awarded One to One their Gold Standard Award in recognition of the high quality service One to One provides and the emphasis the firm puts on staff training and development.

One to One is now looking to work with Councils, schools and colleges to recruit more trainee carers, especially those aged 16-19 who may have been out of employment or education for some time, to further the organisation’s good work.

Chesterfield’s MP, Toby Perkins, said: “I commend One to One Support Services for their fantastic work in the care and training sectors and congratulate them on achieving the nationally-recognised Investors in People Gold Standard award.

“All good employers know that people are any organisation’s most important asset, so it is particularly pleasing to see the emphasis One to One place on personal training and development.

Mr Perkins added: “It’s also fantastic to see that the organisation is looking to take on young people to train as carers. With sky-rocketing youth unemployment and an aging population, domiciliary care is a sector with room for growth.”

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Toby Perkins MP

Glimmer of Hope for Remploy Chesterfield

Staff at a Chesterfield firm faced with the threat of closure have been offered a glimmer of hope after campaigners forced the government into another u-turn.

Toby Perkins MP

Toby Perkins MP

Remploy is a government-owned company with a special mandate for employing disabled people. It runs 54 factories across the UK, including one at Whittington Moor in Chesterfield which manufactures bespoke footwear for people with podiatry requirements.

Of the 36 Remploy factories originally earmarked for closure, 27 will still be closed – causing over 1,400 redundancies, but the government has announced plans to investigate private organisations making bids for 9 of the factories including Chesterfield.

Chesterfield MP, Toby Perkins, who has met with the government Minister responsible for the future of Remploy, potential buyers and raised the matter in parliament said: “I was shocked and appalled when the government announced earlier this year that they would be shutting the Remploy factories.

“It beggars belief that the Lib Dems and Conservatives in government have chosen the height of recession to sack more than a thousand disabled workers.”

Mr Perkins added: “It’s good news that the government have realised the folly of their decision regarding the Chesterfield factory. I’ll be working with the government to ensure that the factory is saved and that the new owner runs the organisation in the spirit of Remploy: providing opportunity for those with a disability and to help those with long-term barriers into mainstream employment.”


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Toby Perkins MP

Toby Perkins MP Welcomes Rail Investment

Toby Perkins MP

Toby Perkins MP

Chesterfield’s MP  has welcomed today’s announcement that the Midland Mainline will be electrified between Sheffield and London.

Travellers to and from Chesterfield will benefit from better journey times and a more reliable service to London and intermediate stations including Leicester and Nottingham.

Electrified lines use cheaper, quieter trains which are less wearing on the track, meaning less maintenance is needed.

The upgrade will take place between 2014 and 2019.

Toby Perkins said: “I welcome this announcement as it will have a benefit for travellers and business.

“This investment was earmarked by the last government and I’m glad the Coalition has chosen to see Labour’s plans through.”

Mr Perkins added: “I am determined and will continue to campaign to ensure that the government does not use these plans to justify further inflation-busting fare hikes, like we saw at the beginning of this year, which are hurting business and doing little to entice cash-strapped commuters out of their cars.”

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Toby Perkins MP

Securing Britain’s Sporting Chance

Toby Perkins MP

Toby Perkins MP

2012 promises to be the greatest sporting summer our often sports-mad nation has had the pleasure to enjoy.

Bradley Wiggins’ momentous victory in the Tour de France, followed the tearful and brave but ultimately unsuccessful assault on the Wimbledon Men’s singles title by Andy Murray, but neither his match with Federer, Wiggins two wheeled excellence or any Olympian feats will match the sporting event of the summer for me, when my close friend Jonny Marray, became the first British man to win a Wimbledon mens title in 76 years.

In emerging from relative obscurity to national hero his victory epitomised the archetypal ‘15 years hard slog overnight success’ that demonstrates again why sport continues to inspire and captivate new generations of youngsters to be the best that they can be.

In a fortnight he earned as much as he had done in the previous five years, such is the all or nothing nature of the sport. But more importantly than that, his rise to Wimbledon glory is an example to us all, that in sport as in life, what has held us back in our past is never as important as what we do with the opportunities life presents us with in the present.

And in this sporting summer we must all hope that the real London legacy will be that more young hearts will have the embers of future ambitions lit by the exploits they witness.

Sport (like the Arts) is a tremendously important facet of educational provision, and also a living embodiment of the Big Society that our government claim to be anxious to encourage. Across Chesterfield we have dedicated sports teachers and great coaches giving up their time to improve the Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis, Athletics, Karate, Swimming, Horsemanship and much else beside of our young people.

A tiny number of these young people may match the exploits of a Marray or a Wiggins, but for thousands more the health, social and competitive benefits that they derive from their sport will sustain them through some of the challenges that life present them with.

Politicians are often keen to associate themselves with our top athletes; but what talented sportspeople most need is the support in the formative years to make the sport accessible and provide quality coaching.

The previous government’s School Sports Partnership (SSP) programme was a wonderful example of political will and volunteering excellence and it is a tragedy that its funding has been diminished.

Across Chesterfield as the Olympic torch came into town we saw beneficiaries of the excellent work of the SSP’s engaging in the sporting celebration and demonstrating how they had become more rounded by that exposure. Sport’s capacity to reach some of those that conventional education has failed to inspire is well documented.

So in this sporting summer, I am happy to salute the sporting endeavours of all those who light the fire of excitement in our young sports people and pledge to fight for those opportunities for the next generation in the years to come.

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Councillor Tom Murphy

Labour’s Tom Murphy Wins in St Helens

Tom Murphy has been elected as a Councillor for St Helens ward to replace to Councillor Trevor Reynolds on Chesterfield Borough Council.

Councillor Tom Murphy

Councillor Tom Murphy (Photo: Peak Features)

Mr Murphy won 579 votes, giving him a majority of 167, on a 37.4% turnout.

The robustly contested by-election which saw five parties put forward candidates was sparked by the death of Trevor Reynolds, Labour Party stalwart and respected local Councillor since May 2011.

Tom Murphy said: “I am honoured that the people of St Helens have put their trust in me to serve with sitting Councillor Angela Reynolds and to be their voice on Chesterfield Borough Council.

“The Labour Council has big plans for Chesterfield. I look forward to working to ensure St Helens ward gets its fair share.”

Chesterfield MP, Toby Perkins said: “Tom is very much his own man and I know he will do his utmost to stand up for local people.”

“People across Britain are sickened by the policies that the Conservatives, backed by the Liberal Democrats, are pursuing in Government.

“With almost three million unemployed, a flat-lining economy and the elderly and disabled footing the bill for the bankers’ mess, people want strong voices, like Tom, fighting for a fairer alternative.”

Mr Perkins added: “I look forward to working with Tom and Angela in standing up for the people of St Helens.”

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The expenses claimed over the period 1st March 2012 to 31st May 2012 were as follows:

    Constituency Office costs:

The quarterly rent for the constituency office is £1495 per quarter.
The broadband line cost :
March £23.94
April £24.12
May £24.36
There were also costs towards the maintenance of the alarm £129.60 and a service charge on our intercom system of £72.

    Phone Bills

I claim for only 75% of the cost of my mobile phone, this came to £62.65 in March, £60.32 in April and £63.96 in May.

    Travel costs

Train/ underground travel from Chesterfield to London:
23/2-19/3 £1176
25/3- 23/4 £1009
26/4- 24/5 £773.60
April & May Parking on constituency engagements was £35.70
Parking at airport during trip to Auschwitz Berkenau £28
I claimed £11.60 for taxis from Chesterfield station home or vice versa in May 2012 and £22.20 in April, it is cheaper than paying for parking at Chesterfield station, although my wife collects me when she can.
My mileage costs were
January – £0 Not completed on time
February £100.84
March £96.30
April £76.29
May £68.00

    Costs associated with London flat

Gas- £26.98
Water £44.77
Electricity £41.89
Council Tax (for the year) £889.87


My monthly rent on the one bedroom London flat is £1490


(Food is only claimed for evening meals in the event of parliament sitting past 8.00pm, receipts are provided for any food claimed)
March £34.55
April £45.25
May £20.10

    Stationery, Toners and Ancillaries

There was a toner bill for £449.90 in March and stationery bills totalling £107.22 in May, plus £78 for business cards.

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Cancer Awareness roadshow visits Westminster

Toby jumps on board Cancer Awareness Roadshow

Chesterfields MP Toby Perkins teamed up with cancer awareness nurses at Westminster last week (Wednesday 27th June) as Cancer Research UK’s Cancer Awareness Roadshow made a special stop outside the Houses of Parliament.

Toby climbed on board to learn more about the steps people can take to reduce their risk of cancer and the importance of spotting it early.

He said: “When cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, treatment is often simpler and more likely to be effective. I wholeheartedly support Cancer Research UK’s call to spot cancer early and want to help share the message with my constituents that early diagnosis can save lives.”

Senior Cancer Awareness Roadshow nurse Ceri Eames said:  “We were delighted to have Toby Perkins MP on board helping us to spread the word. More people are surviving cancer than ever before, but thousands of cancer deaths could still be prevented each year if more cancers were diagnosed and treated at an early stage.”

“If you notice any unusual or persistent changes in your body, visit your GP without delay. If it is something serious then finding it early could make all the difference.”

Smoking is the most important preventable cause of cancer and is responsible for one in four deaths from the disease in the UK.

The answer is plain

During his visit Toby found out about how Cancer Research UK’s new campaign – The answer is plain – aims to discourage young people from starting to smoke.

Research shows that striking logos and distinctive packet designs make cigarettes more appealing to children, so the charity is calling for cigarettes to be sold in plain packs which all look the same and are stripped of their attractive branding.

Sarah Woolnough, Director of Policy, said: “Around 157,000 11-15 year olds start smoking every year so we must do more to make cigarettes less appealing to children.

“Girls are attracted to brands which have long, slim cigarettes with sophisticated names and glamorous packaging, while boys tend to respond to designs with a rugged, macho image. In an age when any parent tries to teach their children about the dangers of this deadly addiction, cigarette packs are sending a very different message.

“Over 80% of adults in the UK believe that children shouldn’t be exposed to tobacco marketing* so we’re urging MPs and their constituents to help us end the packet racket and give millions of children one less reason to start smoking.”

Toby added: “Andy Burnham, Labour’s Health Secretary before the last election, proposed that packaging should be the next front in the fight against the largest preventable cause of cancer in the UK.  As a party we therefore welcome the government’s consultation on this issue.

Britain has always lead the world on action against tobacco and at a time when countries as diverse as France, New Zealand, Turkey, Brunei and Hong Kong are considering plain packaging I think there is no time to waste.”

People in Chesterfield are being urged to sign Cancer Research UK’s campaign petition at before the Government closes its consultation on plain cigarette packaging on the 10th July.

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I am Toby Perkins, Labour's Member of Parliament for Chesterfield. If you would like to get in touch with me, my office is open and can be reached by phone on 01246 386 286. I also hold regular surgeries so that constituents can meet me and I can take up their concerns. If you would like to make an appointment then please do contact my office. Thank you for visiting.

Contact Toby

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I hold regular surgeries for my constituents.
Please call 01246 386286 or email to make a booking.

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