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Europe retreat bad for jobs, growth and investment

At the time when Britain needs the Prime Minister focused on securing the country’s economic recovery, he has been forced to give a speech on Europe today that risks creating uncertainty, deterring investors and undermining jobs and growth in this country.  

Toby Perkins MP: "Cameron is imprisoned by party interest and won’t be able to deliver for Britain"

Toby Perkins MP: "Cameron is imprisoned by party interest and won’t be able to deliver for Britain"

Cameron claims to want to be in the EU, but for many in the Conservative Party, getting the Prime Minister to commit now to an in/out referendum is not about a stronger settlement but rushing Britain towards the European exit door.  

What a contrast between the position adopted by David Cameron’s Tory party and the stark warning we’ve received in recent days from senior business leaders across the country.  People such as Sir Martin Sorrell, the Chief Executive of WPP Group, Sir Roger Carr, the Chairman of Centrica, and John Cridland, the CBI Director-General, have all warned of the dire consequences for the UK in leaving the EU.

Sir Richard Branson said recently: “An exit would be very bad for British business and the economy as a whole.  The UK must not become a peripheral country on the edge of Europe.  This will be damaging to long-term prospects of British business and also in the country’s ability to attract new international companies to set up and employ people in the country.”

Our approach is that to get the best deal for Britain we need to be round the table with our allies in Europe, not shouting from the sidelines with one foot already out of the door.  Cameron’s approach is borne of his weakness at the head of a party who believes that Britain can thrive in isolation at the very time that the global race and expansion of developing markets means it has never been more improtant to work together.

People across Chesterfield are united in the view that the priority now must be jobs and growth. People are worried about their jobs and our high streets are in crisis. Just this week our much loved Co-Op store announced its closure. Our economy is stagnating and unemployment is too high.

But saying that we are better off as a major force at the heart of the world’s largest trading base is not to deny that the EU needs to change and work better for people in here in Britain.

But the real tragedy of David Cameron’s speech is that David Cameron’s Party won’t let him address the need for change in the EU in a sensible way that genuinely puts Britain’s imperative for growth at the heart of the agenda.

Clearly David Cameron is a Prime Minister imprisoned by party interest, and won’t be able to deliver for Britain. 

So once again, it will be left to Labour to make the hard headed, patriotic case, founded on the national interest, both for Britain in Europe, and for change in Europe.

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