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“Shameful” School Cuts

Chesterfield’s MP has slammed changes to the funding of an educational unit for children with disabilities as “shameful”.

Toby Perkins MP: "Providing a top-class education to all is fundamental to a One Nation society"

Toby Perkins MP: "Providing a top-class education to all is fundamental to a One Nation society"

Toby Perkins visited the unit, based at Brampton Primary School, which caters for 4 to 11 year-olds with autism, to discuss the situation with teachers and parents.

Children on the Autistic Spectrum need specialised provision and support to access the curriculum. The Brampton Unit’s staff expertise backs-up the school’s proven outstanding track record.

Previously, the Department for Education financed the Unit with a single settlement covering the building, staffing and resource costs through the Local Education Authority, but changes brought in by the Government stating that special ‘Enhanced’ units – including Brampton – should be bankrolled on a per-pupil basis, mean Brampton will be worse off.

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins said: “Providing a top-class education to all children, appropriate to their needs and abilities, is fundamental in a One Nation society.

“I really can’t praise Brampton School enough for their fantastic, innovative work – I was really impressed. However I share the concerns of staff and parents that standards will fall if funding is reduced. It’s the pupils who will ultimately lose out.”

Mr Perkins added: “I’ll be taking up the parent’s concerns with Education Secretary Michael Gove to push for an improved deal for Brampton and other schools nation-wide affected by this shameful policy.”

4 Responses to ““Shameful” School Cuts”

  1. Dean says:

    Not to be one of those people, but this is a post about education. You have used “loose” rather than “lose”.

  2. tperkins says:

    Quite right Dean, we must maintain standards, a big believer in that. Thank you for pointing out the error in our original article, a certain person will be writing “If I write loose when I mean lose, I lose” ten times a day for a week. Spot on!

  3. Jane Garrett says:

    Hi Toby- We have exactly the same situation at our Spire Infants’ specialist Nursery as they are experiencing at Brampton. The proposed new funding arrangements will cause us to lose more than £20,000 from our budget next year ( April 2013 onwards). This equates to a fulltime teaching assistant/ part-time teacher. The children have very complex needs which our skilled staff can manage very well ( as they have done for 20 years)- but we do need those specialist/trained staff in place, and they should be valued and motivated. It feels as if those without a voice are being clobbered by this government. Where next and what does this say about the values of our society? With regards Jane Garrett

  4. tperkins says:

    Hi Jane. Thanks for your comment.
    I know you’ve written to me about this too and I’ll be taking these issues up with Michael Gove.
    Looking forward to seeing you, staff and pupils at Spire when I visit in March.
    Best wishes, Toby.



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