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Shadow Pubs Minister’s reaction to new Code of Practice announcement

Toby Perkins MP, Labour’s Shadow Pubs Minister, today gave his reaction the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ announcement this morning that they would be bringing forward consultation on a new statutory code to regulate large pub companies, known as PubCos.

Toby said:

“Labour has led calls alongside a broad coalition of campaigners for a proper statutory code to support landlords, protect local pubs and help turn around the rising tide of pub closures.

“There remain suspicions that the Government won’t deliver on the scale of change needed, particularly in light of the months of delay and recent suggestions that plans for a statutory code were being shelved. But today’s step by the Government towards Labour’s position is to be welcomed and if ministers have the courage to do the right thing they will have our full support.

“If the Government’s consultation leads to landlords having the freedom to sell whatever product they choose, to get their rent independently reviewed and the setting up of a truly independent adjudicator as Labour has been demanding for almost two years then this will make a real difference for Britain’s pub trade. It is vital that today’s announcement leads to reform of the industry more widely.”

2 Responses to “Shadow Pubs Minister’s reaction to new Code of Practice announcement”

  1. chris Overend says:

    This review is needed to protect tenants, rents need to be affordable as do products, there can be a difference of £40 per unit in cost price of beer, I have worked in both tied and free trade. One of the bigger issues hitting pubs hard is the sale of alcohol through supermarkets. If we want to tackle alcohol related crime and behaviour need to tackle sources of alcohol.
    As a licencee, I would be challenged if I sold too much alcohol to one person, so how is it that a Supermarket can and does without any sense of responsibility and often at less than cost, tackle that and you start to make an impact on the behavioural problems, cost of policing and medical treatment as a result of over consumption, in addition, it pushes people back to the more controlled environment of the responsible pub landlord

  2. Angela Sofia Ryan says:

    We have a free house nearly 13 years trading successfully. Tried a 2nd Pub tied to a Pubco from June – 12 May 13 and what a bummer that was! It’s not just the tie, it’s the way the big Pubcos operate. Questionable business practices – immoral and unethical Yeuk! Cost us money (exploited) We were deterred from entering into a longer term business relationship with them. Unsustainable rent offered non negotiable ‘take it or leave it’ & high prices on products and extra mandatory charges that we could get cheaper going straight to supplier. 1p off a PT of Beer & 2P 2B exploited. Too many broken Publicans losing every thing, Publicans living in poverty and claiming tax credits – too many pub closures. British heritage going, going gone! Dirty rotten scoundrels need exposing. Costing the government a fortune! Free the tied Publican makes economical sense! It’s the only way! Smoking ban (good) and the cheap supermarket prices (bad) are another issue, however the main culprit for Pub closures are the debt ridden Pubcos ripping off their poor tenants. Been the most stressful time of our business lives. 30 years in trade. Doctors diagnosis ‘Enterstress’ caused by ‘Enterslime’ Go for it Toby Free of tie all they way!



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