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Local MP says: “Anti Bullying Campaign – should be as easy as ABC”

Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, has today spoken of his support for Kevin Healey’s ant bullying campaign. 

23 celebrities including Ricky Gervais, Melanie Sykes and Katie Price have put their names to the campaign and have become ambassadors for the charity and Toby also hopes to do his bit to give Kevin his backing.

Toby explained: “Bullying affects many lives and all-too-often it can have devastating consequences. Many people are bullied for various reasons, whether it is for the clothes they wear, the way they look or whether they have a particular disability or learning difficulty.”

Kevin Healey is autistic and has been a victim of bullying since he was a child, and still faces bullies well into his adulthood.

Anti bullyingKevin speaks of his experience; “For far too long now, adults on the spectrum have been targeted by bullies. I am a victim of bullying, from a child to a teenager, to now a grown adult at 38. Cyber bullying has become so severe; I have even received death threats. Cyber bullying is one of the most horrendous things I have ever experienced. Bullying is with you 24/7 and it totally consumes your life.”

Kevin Healey has been campaigning for better services and support for people with an Autistic spectrum Condition for over a decade. His campaign has received high accolades leading to Kevin receiving various awards including Charity Champion of the year 2007 and Stoke on Trent Citizen of the Year 2006. He has also won the Queens award for his charity SAAS and has been appointed Ambassador for the NAS.

“We need to change the law on bullying internationally. I have started the campaign to encourage people to make the changes needed to make a difference. Attacks on Goths and punks has now become a hate crime in Manchester, so why isn’t the same laws being put in place for all bullying including attacks on people with autism? I am asking people to sign my petition to change the UK law so then we can take the campaign global to ensure law changes across the world. ” Kevin continues.

Apprentice Video Screen ShotRicky Gervais, Alex Reid and Melanie Sykes amongst other celebrities are backing Kevin and his global campaign to have the laws on bullying changed to ensure that no one has to suffer in silence.

Alongside the celebrity support, Simon Sugar, son of Lord Alan Sugar is helping develop a digital advertising campaign. However, Kevin is still seeking a national sponsor.

The campaign and petition has received phenomenal support and thousands of messages from people who have been affected by bullying. Kevin’s campaign is simple in its delivery, to make the Government take notice and have the law on UK hate crime for vulnerable people, especially with those with autism changed.

If you would like to lend your support to Kevin and his campaign then please visit and sign his petition here

For more information regarding Kevin or the campaign, please visit his website

Celebrity support

“Please support Kevin Healey’s Bullying has to stop.” Ricky Gervais

“I support and back Kevin’s anti bullying autism campaign. Bullying people with autism needs to stop. The UK laws must change to protect them. It’s more than a hate crime and people who bully need to be prosecuted. We need to protect people on the spectrum. These vulnerable people have enough challenges each day without been bullied. My eight-year-old son Valentino is on the spectrum, so this campaign holds a very poignant place in my heart. Please join the fight to create laws against bullying” Melanie Sykes

“People don’t choose to be Autistic, they learn to live with it. But some people choose to bully and hate. I support this cause in hope that we all choose to love and support those with Autism” Luke Goss

“Autism and Anti-bullying are issues very close to my heart and I am proud to support Kevin’s ‘Autism Anti Bullying campaign’, No one should feel they have to suffer alone and together we can hopefully make changes that matter” Alex Reid

“Everyone of us can make a difference. Just think of that! The world would be a much better place without BULLIES” Debra Douglas

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