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GP Services in Staveley

In recent weeks Toby Perkins MP, has asked people in Staveley to complete and return a survey regarding the quality and performance of the GP practices in Staveley and the Holywell Medical Group’s surgeries in particular.

After reading through all of the responses, Toby spoke of how “shocked and saddened” he was to learn the full extent of the issues he is now uncovering.

Toby went on to explain:

I have previously met representatives from the Holywell Medical Group to discuss long standing patient concerns over a variety of issues. Following the increasing concerns of my constituents, I also met with Jackie Pendleton, Chief Officer of the North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group to discuss the escalation of the situation and the release of a CQC (Care Quality Commission) report which found Holywell Medical Group to be lacking in several areas. Following the CQC report, I raised the level of concern both through an article in the Derbyshire Times and through the postal survey in Staveley to which you have responded, asking my constituents to let me know their comments on GP Services in the area.

Toby Outside Big BenSince receiving the survey responses I met with Dr Nadine Kale, Practice Partner, to discuss the Group’s future and the steps planned to address the issues facing this crucial provider of GP services across Chesterfield but in particular Staveley. At that meeting I heard how government changes to health budgets and GP contracts have led to some of the problems at the practice.  In addition, a GP recruitment crisis has led to wider problems with insufficient staffing in many GP practices which has in turn compounded the specific problems at Holywell.

The Holywell Medical Group’s Practice Director left following the CQC report, and I am assured that significant changes will now occur and that all options for improvement are under consideration. I am hopeful that there will be swift changes to improve procedures and address the issues raised by patients. As a start, I am assured that a new system for booking appointments has been introduced which should enable you to make an appointment in advance. Though I remain to be convinced that the practice are ultimately capable of delivering the necessary service improvements I was reassured that all possible measures to improve the service remain under active consideration.

I will be monitoring the situation most closely in the coming months, and would be happy to receive any feedback you would like to send me.

General Practice is an incredibly important and much appreciated pillar of our community, and I am determined that GP services are maintained to the highest possible standards. I am very grateful to you for taking the time to return the survey and can give you my assurances that I will continue to work hard on behalf of any of my constituents who have received a lower standard of care than they have a right to expect from their GP practice.

8 Responses to “GP Services in Staveley”

  1. Derek Kipling says:

    Dear Mr, Perkins,
    thank you for the mail that included information about GP Services in Staveley, when the maples centre closed I was transferred to Rectory Road, I think initially there seemed to be problems getting an appointment, recently this has seemed to be improved and the surgery seem very helpful in providing appointments, my current treatment between hospital and GP surgery provides good forward appointments for treatment and tests over the treatment duration.

  2. Cherry Law says:

    I have a number of comments to make as a full time carer for my mum of 88yrs. I have a great problem making an appointment for either myself or my mum. I now find it impossible to queue at Holywell Surgery at 7.45am in the morning for an appointment with our GP and either get referred to the nurse practitioner or have to see a GP who does not know us and we then have to fill in our history. This lack of continuity has on a number of occasions concerned me as it has effected my mothers care. I have now been signed up to make an appointment on line, and have used this service on a couple of occasions and still cannot get an appointment in reasonable time with our preferred GP and still have to wait 3 weeks for an appointment with the another GP who knows us.
    I feel they have expanded the practice without employing more GP’s Holywell House surgery is now running as many as 4 or 5 surgeries in the area, Grangewood, Barrowhill, Staveley, Hunlock and Holywell House. I have had to travel to 3 of these surgeries with my mother to be able to see a GP. At her age and state of health I would have thought a GP or at least a District Nurse would visit my mother every three months at home to check on her welfare and health, as well as the other elderly patients in there care. Who is to say my mother or other elderly patients welfare is being taken care of. They are relying totally on relatives to care for there elderly and do believe this should be monitored. Both for the well being of the elderly but the carer. Other disabilities seem to have the support of other agencies but little is available for the elderly.
    Sorry for my rant but this has been going on a long time. When I was in full time employment at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, as a Staff Nurse it was near impossible to get a Dr appointment as, the Hospital objected to you having an appointment in work time, but we are unable to get an appointment in an evening as was the case years ago.

    Why do GP think that they should work 9.00 to 6.00 Nurses are expected to cover 24/7. So should GPs, it is a known fact that night time is the worst covered, yet the illest patients are at night normally.

    Thank you for reading and hope this is of some help.
    Yours sincerely Cherry Law

  3. DAVID JOWLE says:

    Thank you very much for your reply, We have always used the Staveley
    practice but with the hollywell group we now have to go to the surgery they tell us to go to. We never see the same doctor twice
    and as we are retired and both suffer bad health we need to see a reguar doctor
    My faith in this group is very low.
    I did not get a survey form so if you could email me one I would be pleased to fill it in and return to you
    Many Thanks for the good work you are doing in Chesterfield
    and have a great Chistmas
    Shirley & David

  4. Hannah E Henderson says:

    I have been a patient at this practice from 1965 when it was Dr McIver and Dr Findley. Since it went into what is known as the Holywell Medical Group nothing but problems. You have to ring for an appointment sometimes you get through other times you can be holding on for at least 20 mins.Then like two weeks ago I managed to get an appointment it was later cancelled no nurses.I had to have a glucose tollerance test last week and need a follow up to see a nurse for a 30 min talk, This cannot take place till the 3rd January.There were two Doctors on duty when I was having my test last week and they looked so grumpy I was glad I did not have to see them. Their English was not so good either.
    I liked it better when I knew my Doctor and was not asked to go to a surgery I do not know.

  5. Judi Combe says:

    I have been a patient at Holywell for over 30 years and have seen many changes. I can honestly say the care from the GP’s is marvellous but getting an appointment is worse than it was when the old fashioned receptionists ruled the practice and decided who had an appointment and with whom after first wanting to know all your business. On asking for a medical emergency appointment at 10 am my husband was told to phone NHS Direct and had to do so. He was, of course referred back to the practice and a manager dealt with the issue.
    We have hit the phone lines at opening, 8am, and had to keep hitting redial, often for more than 40 minutes, until answered, and then all the appointments were gone. We have been to Holywell House in the morning and waited until the doors opened at 8 am to get an appointment but since the Grange opened this has also been difficult as the phone lines have taken priority. The last time I went I arrived at 7.45am and was 11th in the queue all doing the same as myself. In the end I found the only way is to drive to the Grange and be there by 7.40am and then I usually manage to get the appointment I wanted – I was 3rd in the queue on the last occasion.
    The new system of internet appointments seems better now they have ironed out the fact that only one appointment could be made at any time. My husband had a routine nurse appointment and then couldn’t make a GP one as only one could be made at once. This has now been resolved. However, what about all the people who don’t have access to internet, especially the very elderly and vulnerable. I feel this is going to hit them very hard and discriminate against them even more.
    The last time I went on the website it had not been updated since August and when I asked about this I was asked to complain to the people who deal with this and have done so but it is a pity that patients have to complain and they take no notice of Doctors or the Staff of the surgeries.
    I have nothing but praise for the care and support of Nadine Kale and John Thurstan and Jo Page who I have known for many years. Their skills are excellent and I would not like to have to change to any other Doctor. As a disabled person I probably rely on my GP services more than most and can say honestly that their care is second to none but we all have to get through the reception first.
    My major concern is that the new seating in Holywell is totally unsuitable and inadequate for disabled people. Also true of the Grange. I find it virtually impossible to sit on the chairs and am unable to get up without help. This makes me distraught as I like to be as independent as possible and to be needing help with such a small thing is devastating especially in such a public arena. I need a lot of care in my life in order to function and the big chairs that used to be in Holywell are now in the Doctors corridor. I have broached the subject with Dr Kale and she totally agrees with me and said I should raise the issue too. I do not feel that the people who installed this seating ever consulted a disabled or less mobile person about this. I would have thought that in a busy surgery with many sick and disabled people requiring services then the seating arrangements should enable then to be comfortable during their wait and also be able to get themselves in and out of a suitable chair. During one visit I spoke with 3 people who were all standing up as they said it was too difficult to get down and up from these silly chairs. Surely a disabled, elderly or less agile person is entitled to have a proper seat in a surgery, especially as they may have to wait for quite a long time when the Doctor has an emergency or is running late. It would be very interesting to find out which person was consulted re this issue of seating for disabled people.
    Sorry to be a little rambling but in reality I have cut my comments short. There have been many causes of complaints in recent years, mainly to do with staff training, but I have taken these up with Josie, the practice Manager. Some have been addressed but others are out of her control or a matter of budget cuts. I still won’t change my Doctor but it would be nice to get some of these issues ironed out.
    Thank you for ensuring this got profiled.

  6. christopher elliott says:

    over the past two years, I have suffered from respiratory problems which has resulted in hospitalisation. I have reoccurring chest infections and when ringing to see a doctor at eight AM prompt, was answered on average after 15 mins, only to be told no doctors were available,I would have to see a nurse practitioner. When I was able to get an appointment to see a doctor it was never the same doctor which was difficult because I had to explain my problem over again. this is the last thing you need when you are feeling unwell. When I asked for the e mail address of the practice manager to complain it was refused.

  7. christopher elliott says:

    several years ago, I worked as the payroll manager for barber Harrison and platt who were the accountants for holywell house. myself and my family were at Avondale practise but we were so impressed that we decided to change to holywell. things dramatically changed when the practice expanded! now we cant get an appointment unless we sit on the phone for half an hour continually ringing from 8am. my husband has a respiratory problem which puts him in hospital when he gets an infection. he never sees the same doctor twice unless he is willing to wait for up to 2 weeks to see the doctor who supposedly knows his history but still ignores him in the waiting room. how things have changed!! my husband recently had an insurance claim and the doctor that filled in the obligatory form, dr kale said she was my husbands regular doctor when she had only seen him twice and she said he had COPD when he didn’t! it took another letter from his regular doctor dr page to put the matter right but still the matter is not settled. this is unacceptable.

  8. Marilyn Creasey says:

    I have been with this practice for 35 years and until the last 6/7 years it was a very good practice with no problem making appointments either on the day or in advance. I rang this morning to make an appointment, this was at 8.08am and was told the only appointment available was at the Barrow Hill Surgery – as you know I live in Hasland! I was unable to make an advanced appointment. Needless to my family and I have decided to change our doctors.



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