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Lib Dems are backing the Tories all the way

A view from Toby Perkins, Labour MP for Chesterfield and Shadow Small Business Minister
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“On the Andrew Marr show, we saw the usual effort from the Liberal Democrat leader to differentiate himself and his party from their Coalition partners.  This time, he tried to claim that the difference between him and David Cameron was that he believed in doing things ‘fairly’.

TP interview in his office

But, as usual for Nick Clegg, his actions speak louder than his words.

If Nick Clegg believes in doing things fairly – why did he back the Bedroom Tax, which hits some of the most vulnerable people in society?  Almost two-thirds of the people hit by the Bedroom Tax are disabled and the Government has admitted that 60,000 carers are hit by this cruel measure.

And if, as he said, he believes that those with broad shoulders should be making the largest contribution – why did he back a tax cut for millionaires?  While Nick Clegg has been Deputy Prime Minister prices have risen faster than wages for 41 out of 42 months and working people have seen their pay fall by an average of £1,600 a year.

But rather than tackling this cost of living crisis for ordinary working families, Nick Clegg has backed the Tories as they give a tax cut to people with incomes over £150,000.

In yet another example of his brass neck, Nick Clegg also suggested this week that he was opposed to his Government’s scheme to encourage employees to give away their rights in exchange for shares.  He referred to it as a ‘pet project’ for the Tories.  But if he and his Party object to it so strongly, why did they introduce, speak in favour of and vote for the legislation?  The truth is that Nick Clegg and his Party backed this Tory ‘pet project’, and they are equally responsible for it.

When Nick Clegg tries to pull stunts like this, it’s no wonder that people don’t believe a word he says.  Not only does he break his promises (tuition fees, special advisers, Sure start to name a few), but he refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

He talks about fairness – and then he votes for measures that are anything but fair.  He tries to claim that the Liberal Democrats are a restraining influence in Government, holding the Tories back.  But the truth is that he and his Party aren’t holding the Tories back – they are backing them all the way.  Once again, the only real message that came out of this week’s press conference is that you can’t trust a word that Nick Clegg says.”

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