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Toby’s statement on the appalling situation in Gaza

Toby Perkins has been contacted by many local in people in Chesterfield who have asked him to set out his views on the appalling conflict in Gaza.  A summary of his thoughts is given below:

I believe that Baroness Warsi’s recent principled stand on this issue is to be commended and hope it will lead to some serious re-thinking in Downing Street.  I think this resignation shows how even people within his own Party are anxious about the way the Prime Minister has refused to address the severely disproportionate nature of Israel’s assault.  I think this was summed up well by my own Party Leader, Ed Miliband, in two tweets he recently posted:

Gaza tweets




As a member of Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East, I have been pleased that our Shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander, has been unequivocal in calling for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the blockade of Gaza.  He has recently said:

“The urgent priority is an immediate ceasefire, but more now needs to be done also to allow immediate access for basic medical and humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza.  The logic of terror and deterrence defy each other, so the bloodshed must stop, the blockade must be lifted and the occupation must end.

“European leaders cannot be passive in the face of this suffering. It is now urgent that Europe’s voice is heard, and that it works together with the United States and the United Nations to resolve this crisis.”

Whilst I entirely recognise Israel’s right to peaceful existence has been threatened by Hamas’ approach, the response of the Israeli government has been disproportionate and led to such revulsion across the globe.

It also has to be seen in the context of the Israeli government’s oppressive attitude to Palestinians over many years and in recent years particularly.

In the context of this particular conflict the grisly statistics themselves confirm the horrors we see on our Television screens. As I write roughly 1,200 Palestinians and 55 Israelis have been killed.  Every death is a tragedy, and an immediate ceasefire on both sides is the only way to prevent further bloodshed, but such an unbalanced ratio hardly points to a proportionate conflict.

Secondly, the technological might available to both sides is also completely unbalanced.  The rockets fired by Hamas are often cheap and improvised devices without the destructive power of a modern army’s weapon systems.  Further, the multi-billion dollar Iron Dome system deployed by the Israeli military uses radar-guided missiles to intercept incoming rockets and has had nearly 90 per cent success rate on the interceptions.

Serious in front of flagGaza has no such defences leaving its civilian population defenceless from the far more damaging Israeli weapon systems.  And whilst the aims of Hamas are deplorable, Gaza is not Hamas, and the ordinary civilians of this place should not be collectively punished for Hamas’ wrongdoing.

The picture of a wealthy nation waging war on one of the most densely populated and poorest places in the world has lost Israel much international support.  Again, as Douglas Alexander has said: “For Israel, a democratic state with vastly superior technological and military capabilities, comes particular responsibilities.

Thirdly, tactics are an area of heavy concern.  The Israeli Defence Force’s mission statement reads: “The IDF and its soldiers are obligated to protect human dignity. Every human being is of value regardless of his or her origin, religion, nationality, gender, status or position.”  However, the proof is in the pudding, and recent events have led many to question whether these values are lived up to, not least the fifty or so Israeli reservists who refused to be mobilised citing regret over their part in a military they said plays a central role in oppressing Palestinians.

For example, the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) told Israel 17 times that the school in the Jabaliya refugee camp was housing refugees, but on 30 July Israel destroyed it anyway, killing 15 civilians.  It is true that Hamas fires rockets in the vicinity of civilian buildings, but simply launching an attack and blaming Hamas afterwards walks into the trap the terrorists set.  It also diminishes Israel’s security and standing in the world.

The urgent priority is an immediate ceasefire, and then for Israel to realise that its tactics are ultimately counter-productive.

The killing of Palestinian civilians on a daily basis will result not only in more grief and more funerals, but in time, risks greater international isolation for Israel and more recruitment by terrorist organisations like Hamas.

I believe parliament should be recalled to allow us to debate the appalling situations in both Gaza and Iraq, that David Cameron should have used Britain’s influence both publically and privately to urge a less damaging cause of action for Israel to pursue, and that following a lasting ceasefire, talks to deliver the long awaited two state solution with true independence for Palestine should be pursued with considerable urgency.

Toby Perkins – Labour Member of Parliament for Chesterfield


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