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Statement on Campaign volunteers

The Sun newspaper’s story in 21st April edition is entirely misleading.

The people working on my election campaign are doing so in a voluntary capacity.

Two of the Volunteers are students on 4 year Politics degrees who have during their third year have been based in my office in Westminster and wanted to volunteer in the General Election campaign.

The other two are local young party members who were between jobs and were wanting to dedicate themselves to the General election campaign.

The local party arranged to cover their expenses.

It is completely misleading to suggest that they are paid £4 a day, they are volunteers and they receive expenses towards costs incurred but are not paid at all.  For clarification, no further payments will be made and their status as Campaign Volunteers re-iterated to all local party members.

One Response to “Statement on Campaign volunteers”

  1. Ian Feeley says:

    volunteers have always been paid their expenses for this type of work. I remember receiving similar when I helped with door to door canvassing years ago (and it wasn’t for the Labour Party, before anyone thinks I’m standing up for my own party). I might not agree with all the policies that Toby and his party stand for, but I do believe that he is an honest hard working and approachable representative for the town and I think we would be hard pressed to find better. Unfortunately, this is where national and local interests aren’t always consistent and voters are left with a quandary, ‘personality’ or ‘party’. I am not in Toby’s constituency, but do have the same dilemma in my own. I would like to wish Toby and his supporters all the best for the campaign and believe the town could be worse off if he is not returned to Parliament again.


    A Toby Perkins supporter (but not a Labour one)



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