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Further upheaval at Holywell Medical Group

IMG_9291Last night, we were informed that the much troubled Holywell Medical Group had informed the North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group that their financial problems meant that they would cease providing a service from Thursday of this week.

Service problems have been ongoing for some time, but the extent to which the practice has been relying on Locum staff and the need for further administrative support meant that the finances at the practice had become unmanageable and their contract to provide services will end on Thursday.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital will step in and provide services from three of Holywell’s five sites (all in Chesterfield) at The Grange, in Grangewood, Inkersall and Rectory Road (Staveley). Services at Holywell House and Barrow Hill will close.

Toby Perkins MP said: “This is obviously both worrying and inconvenient for many patients and I will be meeting with the CCG to discuss the impact on patients and contingency arrangements very shortly.

I will also be discussing the longer term future for GP services at these 3/5 sites that the CCG will tender for, once the temporary arrangements have come to a conclusion in March 2016.

There is a nationwide shortage of GP’s, which is particularly bad in the Chesterfield area. There is also, due to the contracting arrangements that Health bodies are forced to follow, a real difficulty in making these sort of services pay for short term new providers, so I will be meeting with Health bosses to ensure that the new contract offers more stability and certainty of appointments than the previous one has offered.”

4 Responses to “Further upheaval at Holywell Medical Group”

  1. Rory says:

    I would really like to see some progress on this. It has been declared just after the election which seems very co incidental to myself. We have elected you so please let’s see some action

  2. Phil Snowsill says:

    This seems to be a surprise to you, which is a surprise to me!
    Since the press furore instigated in 2013/2014 this was near inevitable. The power of google is underestimated. Adverts placed for vacant posts were “hit” repeatedly, but applicants could soon see what was on google, as anyone would these days, which wasn’t good (it is apparently legal to pillory a practice, but the practice is bound by confidentiality, as you know, so can’t react). It is now a matter of record that the complaints/allegations have not been upheld. Any of them (after much expensive detailed scrutiny, which goes to show why official guidelines state that complaints should be made by the patient to the practice, rather than via the damaging media).
    The practice (until midnight tonight I guess), has a CQC rating of “Good”, albeit relying heavily on expensive locum cover to keep the numbers up, which the practice was encouraged to do. This fact has not enjoyed the same level of publicity as the allegations above did. Odd? Don’t we want to congratulate a small business for turning its problems around? Apparently not.
    The phone system which was the main cause of the justifiable criticism, (ie occasional access problems) was replaced earlier in the year, having been much delayed by outside agencies, not the practice. The original provider BT could not make their own system work satisfactorily from day one, despite being paid in full. The ONLY reason for closure is that no partners could be found to replace those who fled from Rectory Road etc, just as soon as they could after merging. So whose actual fault is that?
    This practice seems to have been set up to fail – perhaps an experiment to try out an alternative model?

  3. tperkins says:

    Thanks for your comments Phil.
    From my perspective all I have ever wanted was to get adequate access to care for patients in Staveley. The media involvement wasn’t the start of my involvement in the practice it was after two years of unresolved complaints under previous management. I do recognise that a lot of hard work went in to try and turn things round, and I am led to believe that people have responded very positively to the new arrangements, but am glad to hear more about how things are going.
    I don’t believe and nor am I aware of any intention to make the practice fail as you infer, but am happy to discuss why you might have felt that. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  4. tperkins says:

    Hi Rory, Thanks for your response, certainly the timing was relevant to the election, but not on my behalf, I think that changes that needed to be made were probably held back due to the election, but the first I was aware of it was after the election.
    I believe things are improved under the new arrangements but always glad to hear from people on this.



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