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Statement on the Labour leadership election

The sooner we can get control for planning and transport devolved from Whitehall to the local area the better , says Toby Perkins MP

The sooner we can get control for planning and transport devolved from Whitehall to the local area the better , says Toby Perkins MP

It has been a very difficult summer for the Labour Party, I congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his victory in the leadership contest.

There is now a real need for the party to come together and for all sides to aim to heal the wounds that now exist. I urge all Members to stay with the Labour Party it is the greatest force for good for ordinary people that has existed in our country, and only by staying with it can we ensure it stays relevant in the years to come.

I will do all in my power to ensure that the party becomes a credible and united force once again ready to provide an alternative government.

I will continue to put the needs of my constituents first. Of course, I will be supporting the leader of the Labour Party, in Labour’s fight to back our overstretched NHS, to stand up for inclusive education opportunities for all children and to build an economy that works for everyone.

He has also said that he wants the party to unite. The fact is that 42% of members and 63% of those who were members at the time of the 2015 General Election voted for a change at the top. If the party leadership is going to represent those who voted for Jeremy as well as those who didn’t, there is a need to recognise the level of concern there is and aim to build a programme and run an operation that wins the support of all members and of voters across the country.

15 Responses to “Statement on the Labour leadership election”

  1. Hi Toby,i totally agree,the wounds now need to be healed,as a Labour party member i will strive to do this too.Although we were on opposite sides of the leadership election,may i say,i do admire you’re principles in leaving the shadow cabinet,a decision i totally disagreed with,but at the same time,must have been very difficult for you.
    I did send you an email saying this,i only hope you will forgive me for doing so.
    I must say,members who are saying that those that do not agree with Jeremy should be deselected are wrong,and i shall tell anybody i hear this.
    I will also endeavour in the next election,whenever that maybe,to get you re-elected.

  2. Kate Caulfielx says:

    I agree with every word Toby but I remain nervous from a personal perspective. It’s not going to be easy to manage this complicated fracture abs to date I have seen nothing to persuade me there is a will to unite and mice forward together. Momentum are claiming victory , Jeremy is wearing tee shirts proclaiming ‘I win elections – get over it’. I will do my very best whoever leads the party for as long as I am allowed but I do not relish the prospect.

  3. Irene Birkin says:

    This is democracy in action – a majority voted a particular way -now we all have to go with this. I am saddened to see that you are unable to resist putting the boot in -again, at the end of your statement.

  4. Dawn Bryan says:

    I was pleased to read your statement, until I got the end! There is a real need for everyone (PLP included) to pull together now, but it would appear that your support for the recently elected leader is lukewarm at best. I’m disappointed and disheartened.

  5. Bonnie Blackmore says:

    I agree with the previous comment; Tony Perkins, like many other MPs, just can’t apologise for getting it wrong in their response to Jeremy Corbyn, and until they do it will be very hard to trust them. They are not doing all they can to unite the party despite what they say. When will they realise that what party members and Labour voters want are honesty, truth and openness from their elected representatives.. In fact they want what Jeremy Corbyn offers.

  6. michael mason says:

    i find it hard to belive you at this moment you were one of many who caused the issue in the leadership when you and the other mps should be fighting this evil government.

    the changes to the boundaries and other changes could have been fought instead of fighting each other you have a role to make the people you represent to belive in you and what you stand for in the town.

    we are the ones who will be knocking on doors and doing the delivering and winning the doorsteps up and down the town i ask you to support and guide them as they are doing so to get you and labour into government if you want to delete this that’s down to you

  7. Ashton Morton says:

    Toby, please, please don’t forget the thousands of moderate left voters who put you in government. Whilst I appreciate you’re under pressure from the far left, you are morally abliged to speak up for us. Do not stop doing so!!

  8. Terry Whitlow says:

    Glad to see that you are both doing what you can to make this work, and standing up for what you believe in. It’s very hard for all of us in the party who question the direction it is taking, I pray that a united Labour Party with a sensible offer to the electorate will emerge.

  9. Brim Spireite says:

    Good luck to you whatever you choose, I think you are probably right to support Jeremy in the way you do, though I fear this will all end badly, lots of people not convinced by direction of party at moment.

  10. tperkins says:

    In reply to Brim Spireite: We have a lot of work to do, we all know that. Will be working to making it work.

  11. tperkins says:

    In reply to Ashton Morton: I never forget the voters, I agree there has been far too much focus internally in the last year, will hope to work for a programme that will appeal to people across the community. However we need to have the political debates in a way that is inclusive and not divisive.

  12. tperkins says:

    In reply to Michael Mason: I don’t agree that I ’caused the issue’ but the history of what happened, is the past that we all need to move on from. Just two weeks ago I was highlighting government failure on MOD Procurement in National newspapers so am continuing to take on the government. I never forget my duty to the town. Glad to hear you will be out on the doorsteps, see you Saturday 10.30 on Coniston Road.

  13. tperkins says:

    In reply to Bonnie Blackmore:I’m not apologising, you want honesty and truth and yet criticise me for saying candidly where I thought we were going wrong.I don’t see how I could have been more truthful and open. I’m moving on from the last few weeks in the name of the unity Jeremy is calling for, I hope you will too.

  14. tperkins says:

    In reply to Kate Caulfielx :We all need to take the stated desire to unite on face value and do what we can to make it happen, it won’t be easy but nothing worth fighting for ever is. Thanks for all the good work you do.

  15. tperkins says:

    In reply to Douglas Jones: Thanks Douglas, a good example of the unity and desire to move on that we all need.



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