Chesterfield MP would like to hear from constituents who may be affected by potential changes to the prescribing of gluten-free products

North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NDCCG) are currently undertaking a review of all services they commission, which could see them stop providing gluten free foods on prescription.

Toby said, “Underfunding of the NHS by the Government is forcing Clinical Commissioning Groups to make some unacceptable and agonising choices about what treatments they can fund or items they can offer on prescription. NDCCG has identified gluten-free prescribing as potentially not being value for money due to insufficient health benefits it provides and this could reduce what the NHS are willing to provide.”

“I am conscious that for many constituents with coeliac disease these prescriptions are crucial and I am keen that their needs should be considered.”

NDCCG are asking for views on the following options for those with a clinical diagnosis of coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis:

Option 1 – Stop providing gluten free foods on prescription altogether

Option 2 – Change the gluten free allowance to eight units per month for everyone eligible for gluten-free food on prescription and have much more limited products available on prescription (e.g. only loaves of bread, pasta and flour allowed on NHS Prescriptions) other products (e.g. breakfast cereals, pizza bases, bread rolls, crackers) would no longer be allowed.

Option 3 – Continue to follow the Coeliac Society’s recommendations for number of units (10 to 18 units depending on the age and sex of the patient) but have limited products available (e.g. only loaves of bread, pasta and flour allowed on NHS prescriptions) other products (e.g. breakfast cereals, pizza bases, bread rolls, crackers) would no longer be allowed, However, the total gluten free allowance would remain the same as it is currently

NDCCG’s consultation will run from 27th February 2017 until Saturday 27th May 2017. The online survey can be completed at:

Further information about drop-in sessions at local surgeries and focus groups can be found on

Toby said, “I am deeply concerned by the pressures facing the NHS and the impact that Government cuts will have on its sustainability. Alongside completing the survey, I hope that any constituents receiving gluten-free products will get in touch to let me know how these change may impact them”

3 Responses to “Chesterfield MP would like to hear from constituents who may be affected by potential changes to the prescribing of gluten-free products”

  1. Maria Taylor says:

    I currently live in Gloucestershire but should be moving to Chesterfield in July. I have been a coeliac for over 20 years and until recently all my bread and flour were obtained on prescription. Gloucestershire took this away last November. If coeliacs cannot afford to buy gluten free products (and they are incredibly expensive) and they go off their diet they will become extremely ill and cost the NHS a small fortune. They will need far more treatment for the various problems ingesting gluten causes. Following a gluten free diet is not a lifestyle choice for coeliacs. It is a medical condition and believe me I wish I didn’t have to be gluten free.
    Maria Taylor

  2. John Hart says:

    Dear Mr Perkins,
    I am outside the boundary of your constituency but am glad to see you are taking an interest in the CCG’s proposal to cut gluten free food from the prescription remit in the NHS.
    I’d like to offer you a few observations as an ageing chap in his 8th decade who has coeliac disease and Parkinson’s disease.

    1. The CCG say they are conducting a random survey to seek the views of non-coeliac patients about this proposal. Well, is it relevant to ask people who do not have this potentially lethal disease to comment on something they cannot possibly understand?

    2. Do the commissioners have the medical experience or legal power to be able to withold what is the equivalent of medicine from these sufferers -many of whom, like me, have already paid their contributions for decades?

    I’d be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this note.
    Thanks and kind regards,
    John Hart.

  3. John Hart says:




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