Chesterfield MP warns motorists about risk of parking tickets at town retail parks

Motorists visiting the Markham Retail Park and Ravenside Retail Park in Chesterfield are receiving unnecessary parking tickets and the town’s MP, Toby Perkins, is trying to raise awareness to prevent further charges to his constituents.

The Markham Retail car park is run by Vehicle Control Services Ltd and serves the three stores on site, JYSK, SCS and Benson for Beds. The Ravenside Retail car park is operated by Euro Car Parks and is only for customers of Debenhams, HobbyCraft, Asda Living, Maplins, Currys, PC World, Next, Pets at Home, Carphone Warehouse and Pizza Hut. The rules of both car parks prohibit motorists from leaving their vehicle and walking off the site.

Toby said, “I have been contacted by a number of my constituents who have been stung by parking tickets at these two car parks. Due to the proximity of the retail parks people quite naturally assume that they can shop in stores at both sites without the need to move their car. Whilst I can appreciate the need to stop people parking here for free and then going into town, it seems ridiculous that customers who are using these shops, and providing vital income for the businesses there, are penalised.”

Ravenside Retail Park

Ravenside Retail Park

Toby has written to Vehicle Control Services Ltd and Euro Car Parks urging the companies to work together and come to an arrangement that allows customers to use either car park whilst shopping at the two sites.

Toby added, “these are private car parks and they can set their own terms and conditions. Shoppers need to be aware of the rules or risk receiving a ticket. However, I call on the companies to work together and do what is in the best interest of customers and businesses at the retail parks.

6 Responses to “Chesterfield MP warns motorists about risk of parking tickets at town retail parks”

  1. Glenda L says:

    I don’t mind parking tickets but the 2 hours on this site is not long enough, more stores have been added and coffee shops so if you want to shop in all the stores and have lunch or even a drink it is not long enough!! it stops people wishing to shop and browse.

  2. Carolyn E says:

    Parked next to Benson’s beds used the shop the used Asda home was parked maximum 15 minutes but got a ticket will never go there again and will use retail parks elsewhere.

  3. Sue S says:

    I received a parking ticket in markham retail carpark about a year ago. I visited shops in both Ravenside and Markham retail site and provided receipts yet I still received a fine and they wouldn’t accept my appeal. Due to the threat of legal action and peace of mind, I reluctantly paid it. ‘Genuine’ shoppers are receiving fines and its putting people off from shopping there again. They are extortionate fines and do not reflect the land owners loss. Also the tickets issued appeared to be a source of amusement to those working in SCS as my experience was that staff were stood in the shop window waiting for shoppers to return to their cars. I have took this up with SCS directly.
    My husband also received a ticket yesterday in the private carpark next to the train station in chesterfield-even though he had a ticket displayed ( Now this will take up unnecessary time appealing the ticket. he hasn’t had an issue in this car park before but he definitely wont be parking there again !!
    These companies should not be allowed to operate in this manner. My husband will not now park in this private carpark for fear of getting another ticket issued incorrectly and I will not park or shop at markham retail park . Surely this is not the intent of the landowners to put off drivers from shopping or parking at these places. The only loser in all this is the local shops as I now think twice about visiting these retail parks. In the age of the internet and internet shopping – we should be encouraging people to shop local – not penalise them for parking. More and more people will shop elsewhere if this continues.

    The land owners need to review the private firms operating for them as it appears that they have nothing better to do than put these tickets on genuine shoppers cars.

  4. Annabel H says:

    I read that you have contacted the two parking companies who cover Ravenside and Markham retail parks – great news – I have thought for a long time that this arrangement was ridiculous. I wonder though, what the arrangements are for the B&Q/Toysrus car park as there is a path linking this up with Ravenside and also the TK Maxx/The Range car park as I understand there are plans to reinstate the path between here and Ravenside.

  5. Adrian says:

    We parked in Ravenside Retail Park 27/1/18 when we were visiting the area from Bedfordshire. We visited several stores on the site and had something to eat in Debenhams. We have since received a £70 PCN yet we could see no Pay and Display machine or details of how long we could park. As no other vehicles had tickets we assumed it was free parking, the same as it is on retail parks in Bedfordshire. Very disappointed – will not return to Chesterfield and think this will put off other tourists to the area as well.

  6. Mr C-r Swallowdowns says:

    Genuine shoppers “you have the power to force these shop to take steps to help with private car park owners to change their terms and conditions”
    (Debenhams, HobbyCraft, Asda Living, Maplins, Currys, PC World, Next, Pets at Home, Carphone Warehouse and Pizza Hut & others) by NOT SHOPING there.
    The power of money or the loss of turnover will make them help or close.
    SHOP ells were.



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