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Christmas stock at Urban Flamingo in The Yards

Toby supports fantastic independent retailers in Chesterfield in time for Small Business Saturday December 1st 2018

Few issues are debated as passionately as the state of our town centres, and as we head towards this year’s Small Business Saturday, the future of our small independent retailers will be on many people’s minds.

Independent town centre retailers should be for life and not just for Christmas. However, local people can use this Saturday as a way of ensuring the long term health of our small shops and the diversity of our town centre.

There are many fantastic shops in Chesterfield that are well worth going to for thoughtful gifts this festive season and for Small Business Saturday on December 1st.

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins visited many small businesses in the run up to SBS in order to encourage Chesterfield shoppers to visit the independents. Small Business Saturday is an annual initiative that promotes the importance of using the businesses that bring diversity and uniqueness to our town centres as they are a crucial part of the economy and often offer different products and more personalised service than the big high street names.

Toby said “Small Business Saturday is a great idea to promote smaller companies. In Chesterfield we have some fantastic small firms, often just off the main high streets. For example, in the Shambles and the Yard that I would strongly encourage everyone to visit. Urban Flamingo in the Yard has some great gift ideas and Fabulo in the Shambles sells quality swimwear nightwear and lingerie that you won’t find elsewhere in Chesterfield. Tall Bird Records is another great independent in the town, servicing and driving the vinyl revival as well as selling CDs as well as music related t-shirts and books.

I really hope that SBS will give these unique shops a boost and help keep Chesterfield a great place to visit and shop. We often hear people moaning about the decline of the high street but we have some great businesses here that we need to use or lose.”

For more information about Small Business Saturday visit:


Urban Flamingo:

Tall Bird Records:

Toby with Maria from Tall Bird Records

Toby with Sharon from Fabulo Lingerie in the Shambles

Christmas stock at Urban Flamingo in The Yards

Toby promoting Small Business Saturday in Parliament

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cca pledge

Climate Change Act celebration leads to call for Net Zero

An event to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the transformative Climate Change Act saw Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins pledge his support to the campaign for Net Zero emissions.

The event, sponsored by several leading environmental charities, also gave MPs a platform to discuss and learn what future action needs to be taken to fight against climate change and for a better future for all.

The Climate Change Act 2008 cemented the UK’s position as an international climate leader, and defined the climate change approach of all future UK governments. Since the Act, UK emissions have continued to fall dramatically. In 2017, the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions were 43% below 1990 levels, and the UK continues to lead the way in efforts to tackle climate change, whilst ensuring economic growth and stability Toby joined forces with other MPs and campaigners to call for a net zero emissions target before 2050.

Toby signed a pledge signalling his support for the target, which would go a great deal towards fulfilling our international obligations on climate.   Toby said “I’m happy to give my full support to ambitious action to tackle climate change. Whilst it may not be affecting us right now, it will dramatically change the prospects of our children’s lives down the line if strong action isn’t taken”

The net zero campaign has recently been gaining a lot of support from across all parties, businesses, and campaigners. After the recent warnings on climate change by the IPCC that to stop global warming, all countries must be net zero carbon polluters, climate leaders in the UK have stressed that the UK could go beyond its original commitment to reduce emissions by 80% – and instead initiate a strategic plan across industry, businesses and the government to meet a net zero level before 2050.

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Toby Perkins MP meets survivors of the Holocaust and genocide ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

Toby Perkins MP listened to Helen Aronson, who survived the Holocaust as a teenager, at the launch event in Parliament for Holocaust Memorial Day 2019.

Holocaust Memorial Day, held on 27 January each year, remembers the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, and the millions of people killed under Nazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

The date marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp.

Survivor of the Łódź ghetto in Poland, Helen Aronson said: ‘It is vital that we do everything in our power to ensure that these things never happen again, anywhere in the world.

‘Children must be allowed to grow up safe and secure and not be wrenched from their homes, like I was.

‘That’s why it is so important that you, as members of parliament are here today and that we make a commitment to mark Holocaust Memorial Day every January.’

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT) supports HMD activities across the UK and chooses a theme each year. The theme for 2019 is Torn from home.

Toby said: ‘The experiences of survivors such as Helen remind us about the importance of marking Holocaust Memorial Day – a day when we remember the millions of people who were affected by the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

‘I want to encourage people in Chesterfield to mark HMD on 27 January 2019.’

Olivia Marks-Woldman, Chief Executive of Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, said: ‘As the world becomes more fractured and divided, we need to come together to learn from genocide – for a better future.

‘We can all mark HMD, and the resources HMDT provides enables individuals and organisations to organise their own HMD activity.’

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Chesterfield MP sees reality in Yemen with their own eyes

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins called for urgent action to relieve the suffering of millions of people after seeing with his own eyes the reality in Yemen, one of the worst humanitarian situations in the world, in the Houses of Parliament today.

Using virtual reality headsets, MPs were able to visit a school that had been almost completely destroyed, a home where eight members of the same family were killed and a settlement where Yemeni families who had fled fighting are now living without running water, toilets or any other basic facilities. They heard from people affected by the conflict and the challenges they face.

Airstrikes and fighting are continuing across Yemen despite efforts by the UN to get both sides to agree to a cessation of hostilities and hold peace talks later this month. 22 million Yemenis are in need of aid and protection.

Toby said: “I’ve just been sat with a virtual reality video that shows some of the scenes that are everyday for the people of Yemen and I witnessed what life was like in the displacement camp – people in the most desperate circumstances, and people whose entire lives have changed in a way they could never have imagined”

Toby confirmed his support to the people of Yemen and contributed to the urgent Parliamentary debate today. Toby praised the government’s decision to propose a UN Resolution that would aim to end the fighting in Yemen, but in a Parliamentary statement, he warned Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP to ensure that both the Saudi-backed government forces and the Iranian-backed rebels – the Houthis – shared responsibility for the catastrophe.

Norwegian Refugee Council, Oxfam Great Britain, Action Against Hunger, War Child and other organisations involved in the exhibit are calling for the UK Government to suspend arms sales to any party in the Yemen conflict and to push all parties to the conflict to cease hostilities immediately. They are also asking the UK Government to pressure all parties in the conflict to allow commercial and humanitarian supplies of food, fuel and medicine to reach those who need them most. 14 million Yemenis are at risk of famine and nearly half of all children aged between six months and five years are chronically malnourished.

Toby Perkins MP said: “The British government should be doing everything they can to use our influence to try and make sure this crisis is brought to an end, and the suffering of the people of Yemen is finally concluded”

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Toby with Jennifer Calverly from the Elm Foundation and John and Jeannie Benger from Ikon Church

Generous donation to Toby’s nominated local charity


The Elm Foundation, a Chesterfield-based charity that supports victims of domestic abuse, has received a £1,000 from the IKON Church.

Toby Perkins said, “I was approached by Paul & Jeannie Benger from IKON Church Chesterfield who kindly offered to donate £1,000 to a charity of my choice. I have visited The Elm Foundation on a number of occasions over the years to see the work they are doing and I know that they have provided vital support to victims of domestic violence and their families when they are at their lowest ebb. There are many worthy charities in Chesterfield who have all struggled for funds during these tough economic times, but the nature of The Elm Foundation’s work makes them less public and so it can be more difficult for them to attract donations. I know they will make excellent use of this money.”

The Elm Foundation offers a range of services to help and support men, women and children who are affected by Domestic Abuse, with an aim to increase safety, reduce risk and promote independent living.

Toby added, “I would like to say a big thank you to the members of IKON Church for their donation. The church groups in Chesterfield do a massive amount for the community, such as daily meals to homeless people, supporting those on low incomes and providing charitable donations such as this.”

Paul Benger from Ikon said “We were so thrilled when Toby suggested the Elm foundation as a recipient for one of our £1000 gifts. Their work is exceptional and aligns perfectly with the vision and values of our church.”

Jennifer Calverly from the Elm Foundation said “We would like to thank the Ikon church for the generous donation to our Children’s Service and to Toby Perkins for recommending our charity. Your financial support to help displaced children in our community who have been effected by domestic abuse makes all the difference. Last year we supported 100 children living in our refuges after they had to leave their homes due to domestic abuse, your donation will help to purchase outdoor play equipment for them to enjoy whilst they are with us.”


Toby with Jennifer Calverly from the Elm Foundation and John and Jeannie Benger from Ikon Church

Toby with Jennifer Calverly from the Elm Foundation and Paul and Jeannie Benger from Ikon Church

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Toby with Newbold Outwood Academy Head Teacher Steve Roberts

Toby visits a new and improved Newbold Outwood Academy

Following good results and a noticeable transformation, improvements to Outwood Academy Newbold were proudly shown to Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins, by Principal Steve Roberts.

Improvements in the school have already generated successes and an increasing interest in places for students and parents hoping to join the academy. Now the school are looking to consolidate these improvements and increase the number of 6th form students and subjects.

Toby said “I am pleased that many more pupils at Outwood Academy Newbold are performing well and it was reassuring to hear about the aspirations and belief in the school from the leadership team. The pupils, teachers and staff I met were very positive and the work I saw was incredibly impressive. I visited several classes, including maths, English and science and I was fortunate to be shown a very moving and impromptu performance from some Drama students, who were fantastic.”

Principal Steve Roberts said about the visit “It was a privilege to be able to take Toby Perkins MP on a tour of the academy and more importantly give him the opportunity to see our wonderful students and amazing staff at work. We are very proud of our transformation over the last few years and would like to thank our entire community for their support”.

Latest reports show that 59% of Newbold students achieved grade 5+ in English and Maths, which is an increase of 10% on last year and three quarters of all students achieved grade 4+ in the same subjects. The school has also boasted increases in students achieving top grades in A level results, with 18% gaining A*-A and the number of students with AAB or above has risen 11% since last year.

Toby with Newbold Outwood Academy Head Teacher Steve Roberts

Toby with Newbold Outwood Academy Head Teacher Steve Roberts


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‘No Deal Brexit’ could have disastrous effects on the UK car industry


MP for Chesterfield, Toby Perkins, recently visited the Toyota UK factory at Burnaston near Derby. Toyota UK employs over 3000 ‘members’ in the UK, with 2600 at their plant in Burnaston. Nearly 80 people from Chesterfield are employed here, making them a large local employer.


During his visit, Toby was given a tour of the P-Lane, the facility where parts are brought into the factory and sent to the production line and given an in depth briefing of how Toyota’s ‘Just in Time’ delivery process operates.

The factory at Burnaston receives 2 million parts per day. These parts have come from a network of suppliers and have often, at some point in the process, been in another country. The ‘Just in Time’ process means that 4 hours after these parts arrive at the factory they can be driven away on a completed vehicle. For Toyota to have a stockpile of parts would require an unrealistic amount of storage space. As a result, any delays involved in receiving parts could have a huge impact on the manufacturing process.

Toyota UK are not just competing against other car manufacturers. As Toyota have multiple factories across Europe, Toyota UK are also competing against other Toyota facilities and if there are added delays or a rise is costs from tariffs then it will put them at a disadvantage, not only against rival car manufacturers but also other Toyota factories.

Toby said: ‘It is important that the Government secures a deal with the EU that protects jobs and my visit highlights that a deal with no customs union could have a potentially devastating impact on the motor industry in the UK’


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Chesterfield MP celebrates Parliament Week with Inkersall Beaver Scouts

The Inkersall Beaver Scouts welcomed Toby Perkins MP to their November meeting to learn about politics and his life as an MP as part of UK Parliament Week.

UK Parliament Week is a UK-wide festival that takes place from 12-18 November, which aims to engage people, especially young people, from different backgrounds and communities, with the UK Parliament and empower them to get involved. This year’s UK Parliament Week is part of the UK Parliament’s Vote 100 programme, celebrating equal voting rights and other milestones in the UK’s democratic history.

Toby said, “Parliament Week is all about connecting the public with Parliament and MPs getting out into schools and community groups to speak to children helps them engage with politics from an early age. The variety of questions I took from the beaver Scouts shows that even at just 6 and 7 years old, children are ready to start learning about what MPs do and how our country works.”



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