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Chesterfield firm calls on MP to help get Firedoor supply moving again

Rutland UK, a global manufacturer of designer door closers with their Head office and Distribution hub based in Chesterfield, has asked for the help of local MP, Toby Perkins, to help get the composite fire safety door industry moving again.

Toby said, “An important review of fire safety door standards has been implemented since the Grenfell tragedy. It is very important that the Government ensures that the standardisation of fire safety doors ensures that safety standards are improved. However, delays in the standardisation process and conflicting advice from Government, has seen landlords, developers and landlords cancelling orders for fire doors, sending back deliveries or refusing payment.

This is not only bad for business but is delaying the replacement of potentially less safe fire doors and impacting on businesses in the supply chain. I have now written to the Government to urge them to complete the new standardisation as quickly as possible and provide an update as to their thinking around issues such as the length of time a firedoor should be fireproof for, to enable the construction industry to place orders with confidence.”

Rutland UK has been manufacturing door closers for over 20 years, but the original family engineering background dates to the 1930s. They have locations in the UK, USA and Canada, with distributors in several other countries around the globe. Their products are used in universities, schools, hospitals, care homes, social housing and a variety of other buildings.

A spokesperson for Rutland UK, said “Thankfully Rutland are in the fortunate position with our door closers being fire tested on timber and metal fire doors. However, housing associations and contractors need “low maintenance” firedoors and we hope the Government can help give end users confidence in composite type door manufacturers that have successfully had their doors tested from both sides”.

Toby added, “Rutland UK is another high-quality manufacturer that many people might not be aware is here in Chesterfield. People frequently say to me that “we don’t make anything in the UK anymore”, but here in Chesterfield we are still maintaining a solid manufacturing base with companies supplying customers all over the world.”

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Statement from Toby Perkins MP regarding plans to create a subsidiary company at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

There has been much comment about the fact that Chesterfield Royal Hospital appear to be continuing with plans to create a subsidiary company and transfer 800 staff into it despite a Government announcement that all new plans should be paused.

I have recently spoken to Lee Outhwaite, Finance Director at Chesterfield Royal Hospital regarding the recent guidance from NHS Improvements that says that Trusts should “…pause any current plans to create new subsidiaries…” Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s position is that they have gone further than planning and they are now at the implementation stage so they do not feel they have to pause the process.

It seems to me that if they have been asked to pause any current plans to create new subsidiaries then they should not implement any plans that they have made. I have contacted NHS Improvements and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to seek clarification on whether the guidance issued recognises any distinction between planning and implementation and I have been promised an imminent response.

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Toby with landlady, Emma Clarke

Chesterfield Arms nominated for ‘Parliamentary Pub of the Year’

A Chesterfield pub has been nominated for a prestigious national award to recognise its value to the local community.

Toby Perkins MP came up with the idea for the ‘Parliamentary Pub of the Year’ as part of his role as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Pub Group. The award was launched in July and gives 650

Toby with landlady, Emma Clarke

Toby with landlady, Emma Clarke

MPs the opportunity to nominate a pub from their constituency.

The award focuses on celebrating the important role pubs play in British life and promoting their value to the local economy and communities. The main criteria for nomination is a pub that is great at what they do, this can include the range of beer or food provided, the dedication to serving the local Community or a specialism in Music or Sports.

Toby Perkins said “Pubs are crucial to our communities as well as to our economy. Britain’s pubs employ over 1 million people and pay around £9 billion in taxes. It is so important that we support our much loved locals.

As the architect of this competition, I am one of the judges but wanted to nominate a local pub myself. It is so difficult to pick one pub, because I think Chesterfield is well served with great pubs and we have a cvery lively real ale scene here.

However, Chesterfield Arms boasts a great array of local ales, has a wide variety of specialist products (over 25 gins for example) and has always had a lively atmosphere when I have visited, so it has received my nomination to recognise the positive role it plays in Chesterfield.”

The 650 MP entrants will be whittled down to ten finalists, who will be invited down to the House of Commons later this year to see which pub will be crowned the Parliamentary Pub of the Year.

Emma Clarke, landlady of the Chesterfield Arms said, “We are really delighted to be nominated. We are proud of the pub and our regulars and always attempt to be welcoming for newcomers. It is great to hear that Toby has always enjoyed his visits, and we will keep our fingers crossed that the judges like what we have to offer too.”

Toby added, “We have had a great response from MPs across the UK and it is creating a real buzz in the pub industry. I hope the awards will become an annual fixture in the parliamentary calendar and help promote the importance of our pubs for years to come.”

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SMA Parliamentary Drop-In

Toby Perkins MP attends Parliamentary drop-in on Spinal Muscular Atrophy

A genetic condition which can kill children before the age of 2, and which has recently had funding cut for its only known drug was the subject of a recent Parliamentary reception attended by Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a very serious genetic medical condition, which usually has an onset in childhood or at birth, progressively results in the deterioration of a person’s muscles and movement in general. It causes severe disabilities, and drastically reduces life expectancy. A child with Type 1 SMA would be unlikely to live past the age of two.

Recently, to the anger of SMA patients, the NHS was advised not to offer the only drug to treat this condition because of cost, despite the drug being potentially life-saving.

Last week, the charity Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK held a drop in session in Westminster for MPs wishing to learn more about the illness, and what can be done to help those suffering.

There are 4 different types of SMA, each differing in severity, onset and long-term prognosis, amongst other things. Nonetheless, all the types of SMA affect each patient and their families considerably.

It is estimated that between 660 and 1320 people in the UK are living with SMA, meaning that the cohort of people who would receive the drug is a relatively small one.

Whilst the drug is not a cure for the condition, it is known to extend the life expectancy of sufferers and it is too early to say whether it might offer SMA patients the chance to live into adulthood.

There is evidence that the drug helps improve a patient’s prognosis, which is why NICE and NHS England should take urgent action to review their judgement that the drug is not cost effective.

Toby was recently approached by the parents of a child in his constituency to help after their child was diagnosed with Type 1 SMA.

Luke Catt, contacted Toby recently to ask for his support to get NHS England to offer the drug Nuisinersen to its patients. The drug is currently offered by NHS Scotland, but is much more difficult to obtain in England. NICE provided first guidance that NHS England should not offer this drug, as they say the cost is too high to be considered cost-effective.

Fortunately, Mr Catt’s daughter Grace, is one of the last children to receive the drug before the NICE guidance comes into effect in November, which offers her hope of a longer life.

But any children in England who are diagnosed after November will be denied the drug.

Doug Henderson, an SMA Support UK worker, discussed in detail with Toby what he could do as an MP to support those affected.


“There is nothing more devastating than the news that your child has a life threatening condition. To then discover that the NHS is refusing you a drug that would be available if you lived in most of the countries in Europe is doubly heart breaking. I will be putting pressure on the Health Secretary and NICE to re-consider their decision, so that other children like Gemma might have the chance to live a longer life with SMA.”


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Toby with the Labour campaign team

Labour activists force Derbyshire County Council into U-turn on plans to axe school crossing guards

The Conservative leadership at Derbyshire County Council has cancelled plans to remove funding for school crossing guards in Derbyshire following a strong campaign by Labour activists, councillors and Chesterfield MP, Toby Perkins.

The Council announced plans in June to remove funding for the 108 school crossing guards in Derbyshire which would have placed the onus on schools to pay an average of £4,000k a year and would have led to job losses.

Toby said, “I am very pleased that the Conservatives at County Hall have been forced into a U-turn on this. Schools are under huge financial pressure, which is being exacerbated by changes to the funding formula by Central Government. 34 out of the 38 schools in my constituency are expected to have real terms funding cut and there is no way they could have taken on the burden of paying for school crossing patrols. This would have led to job losses and children placed in potential danger.”

A petition against the cuts was set up by Labour councillors and activitists, securing support from hundreds of concerned parents across Derbyshire. At a full council meeting on 12th September, it was announced that the proposals had been scrapped and the funding for school crossing patrols would be found from “existing council reserves”.

Toby added, “Labour are the last line of defence against Tory austerity both nationally and locally. I am proud that this campaign has stopped another dangerous cut to public services.”

Toby speaking against these cuts on Peak FM in June:

Toby with the Labour campaign team

Toby with the Labour campaign team

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Organ Donation

Toby Perkins MP asks people to tell their families they want to donate today

During Organ Donation Week local MP, Toby Perkins has pledged to help save lives by encouraging all those they represent to talk to their families about organ donation this week and sign the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Toby Perkins is taking action as nationally three people die every day in need of an organ. He is calling on each and every person in Chesterfield to talk to their family about organ donation and make it clear if they want to save lives.

Families will always be approached about donation if a loved one can donate their organs. Knowing what you wanted can help your family support their decision at a difficult time.

NHS Blood and Transplant and Kidney Care UK have praised the MP for making this pledge during Organ Donation Week.

More and more families in Chesterfield are saying yes to organ donation but there is still an urgent shortage of donors around the country.

After attending an event in Parliament on Wednesday to mark the event Toby Perkins stated: “I have been hearing from someone desperately waiting for organ donation and from those wanting to get the legislation through. I strongly support this campaign and know it is vitally important for every person waiting for a transplant and of course for their families and friends. We need more people in Chesterfield to talk about organ donation to increase the number of lifesaving transplants. Only one third of adults in England have told their partner or their family they want to donate, despite 8 out of 10 people telling us they would be willing to donate or would consider it. Sadly, many opportunities are lost every year because families don’t know if their loved one wanted to be a donor or not.”

Also attending the event Anthony Clarkson, Interim Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation for NHS Blood and Transplant said: “We are very grateful to Toby Perkins for his support during Organ Donation Week. Words save lives. Please, tell your family you want to save lives through organ donation, because it could be the difference between life and death for someone else.”

Fiona Loud, Policy Director at Kidney Care UK, said: “Last year more than 400 people died whilst waiting for a transplant so it’s vital that we find ways to help save lives. With around 6,000 people waiting for that life changing call, and 80% of these hoping for a kidney transplant, we are urging people to have a chat with their families and make sure they know how you feel about organ donation.”


Millions of people are already on the NHS Organ Donor Register, join them today and tell your family you want to save lives. Register at

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Toby expressing fury of Derbyshire residents at price being paid for Lansley's failed reforms

MPs unite to slam CCG Voluntary sector cuts

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins joined forces with High Peak colleague Ruth George and MPs from across the political spectrum in slamming Derbyshire CCG’s decision to cut all voluntary sector funding in a fiery Parliamentary debate on Tuesday.


The debate highlighted that two months ago on the 70th anniversary of the NHS all the voluntary sector organisations in Derbyshire received letter stating that their funding from the CCG’s was to be cut.


Toby pointed out that voluntary sector are successful in reducing demand on the eakth sector saying:

“alongside the financial consequences of their cheaper cost, many voluntary organisations, such as Age Concern, which I saw last week, keep old people well and prevent them from having to use health services by providing services such as the befriending service in Chesterfield?”


After contributions against the cuts from Tory MPs as well as the Labour ones, Toby rounded on the Government’s 8 years of failure on the health service reminding the Government that the measures they currently suggest as solutions were already in place under Labour and were demolished by the Health reforms of disastrous former  Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, reminding Government Minister Stephen Barclay that: “

I remember that, back in 2010, we had the Derbyshire primary care trust, but then the Lansley reforms came in, broke up the PCT and turned it into five different organisations in North Derbyshire. Can he imagine how galling it is for us to hear that those organisations, which went from a very strong financial position back in 2010, are now in utter financial chaos, so the Government are going to undo the Lansley reforms and to get those economies of scale that we were telling them about back in 2010?


Toby had met with Chesterfield based Age Concern just last Friday to learn about the dire consequences for their Telephone befriending service if the CCG went ahead with the 100% cut to their service. He has also highlighted that underfunding of the NHS by the Government is forcing Clinical Commissioning Groups to make some unacceptable and agonising choices about what treatments they can fund or items they can offer on prescription.

Toby expressing fury of Derbyshire residents at price being paid for Lansley’s failed reforms

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Toby’s Taste of Life on the Beat










Shoplifting, a break in and a missing person were just some of the incidents on the agenda for Toby Perkins MP as he joined Chesterfield Police for a day on the beat.

Toby said “It’s eye-opening to see what the officers go through day-to-day. It reinforces the admiration you already have for the police, seeing them throwing themselves into harm’s way for the safety of the community. Myself and other MPs debate issues on crime and police in Parliament frequently so it’s important I have a strong sense of what the town’s officers are dealing with.”

Chief Superintendent Rachel Osborne, of Derbyshire Police said “It was good to meet with Mr Perkins and talk to him about policing issues and challenges for Chesterfield and the work we are doing to tackle crime. As well as meeting with senior officers, he had the opportunity to spend time with frontline officers on patrol and to experience first-hand the variety of issues and work that they do on a day to day basis.”

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