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Toby Perkins statement on Paris Conference

Toby Perkins statement on Paris Conference

The Right-wing news blog Guido Fawkes carried a ‘story’ today about Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield’s attendance at a Human Rights conference in Paris which was hosted by the pro-democracy National Council for Resistance in Iran.

The story, which the website chose to publish without seeking clarification or comment, repeats long discredited slurs from the Iranian Regime about the pro- democracy resistance and ignores the fact that the NCRI won support from hundreds of MPs and peers for their ten point plan for Iran and that in fact Toby was part of a cross-party British delegation of around 20 people led by a recent Conservative Secretary of State and around a dozen other MPs and peers of all parties.

He said:

“The only thing that’s ‘bizarre’ about this story is that Guido Fawkes has so little to put on their clapped out website that they think this ‘story’ is newsworthy.

I went to the conference with a cross party group that also included at least 5 Tory MPs who don’t get a mention in the story.

It was also attended by International figures like former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani and Congressmen and MPs from USA, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and many other countries, with around 60,000 pro- democracy supporters in attendance.

Many MPs believe that resistance to the Iranian regime which executes more of its own citizens than any other Government and is a major source of the continued unrest in the Middle East should be supported, it’s odd that the website should choose to promote the spin from the Iranian regime and their attempts to discredit those who call for democracy. I am happy to work with anyone who wishes to see democracy return to Iran.”

If any constituents would like to learn more about the cross party delegation to Paris earlier this year, and Toby’s work to promote democracy in Iran, please contact him on

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MP celebrates as National Lottery investment in Chesterfield’s heritage hits £5,322,554 million

Toby Perkins MP, the Member of Parliament for Chesterfield has today welcomed news that £5,322,554 of National Lottery money has been invested in Chesterfield’s heritage projects since 1994.

Toby said: “Chesterfield has an incredibly rich history and I’m delighted to learn that thanks to the National Lottery local people have been exploring and enjoying that heritage. Just like many towns and cities across the UK, the Chesterfield we live in today was shaped by the First World War.”

From exploring local archaeology and restoring local parks and buildings to protecting wildlife and researching local history, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has awarded more than 40 grants to heritage projects in the area.

Now, HLF is encouraging people in Chesterfield to apply for grants between £3,000 and £10,000 to undertake projects exploring the impact and legacy of the First World War beyond 1918.

Toby has welcomed the continued investment in preserving Chesterfield’s historical sites and ensuring the towns rich heritage is preserved

Toby added, “The projects and events that the Heritage Lottery Fund have funded in Chesterfield not only ensure we remember and celebrate our history, but are important in increasing tourism in the area and boosting the local economy. I strongly encourage local people to make use of the money available from the HLF and I am happy to lend my support to funding bids.”

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Toby Perkins MP pledges to become an Arthritis Champion for Chesterfield

Toby Perkins MP has pledged to work alongside leading charity, Arthritis Research UK to represent the thousands of people in Chesterfield living every day with the pain of arthritis.

Toby said, “There are thousands of my constituents living in constant pain due to arthritis and they need timely access to healthcare services to manage their condition and improve their musculoskeletal health.”

Arthritis is the single biggest cause of disability and pain across the country with 10 million people living with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain. The pain, fatigue and lack of mobility caused by arthritis affects every aspect of a person’s life, making everyday tasks such as making a cup of tea, travelling to work or getting out of bed extremely difficult.

As well as the personal impact, these conditions amount to the third largest area of NHS spending, with an annual budget of £4.8 billion, and are the cause of one in five working days lost in the UK.

Toby Perkins has pledged to support Arthritis Research UK’s Prevent, Transform, Cure manifesto in Parliament as an Arthritis Champion, which calls for arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions to be a public health priority, to improve access to services and to increase the support to people with arthritis to help them continue to work.

Speaking about becoming an arthritis champion, Toby Perkins said, “I’m proud to champion Arthritis Research UK’s policy calls to tackle the prevention, transformation and cure of arthritis. We need to put the issues affecting people with arthritis at the forefront of Parliament’s agenda. I will be meeting with Dr Liam O’Toole, chief executive officer of Arthritis Research UK, at the charity’s head office in Chesterfield, to discuss how we can ensure arthritis sufferers are getting the support and services they need.”

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Sutherland kitchen landscape

Toby Perkins MP calls on Government to give our Armed Forces a ‘fair deal’

To mark Armed Forces Day on 24th June, Toby Perkins, Member of Parliament for Chesterfield, has called on the Government to give our Armed Forces a better deal.

Toby, who is Chair of the Labour Friends of the Forces, said “I am delighted to show my support for our Forces, serving personnel, Veterans and their families, on Armed Forces Day. It’s wonderful that we have a day that recognises the hard work and bravery of the forces community but of course they deserve our support all year round.

Government are rightly quick to praise our Armed Forces, but too often the warm words aren’t backed up by actions. Service personnel have seen reductions in pay and conditions, redundancies, more and more deployments and inadequate support for them and their families during and after they serve.

“I’ll be attending The Chesterfield Cadets Armed Forces Day at Wallis Barracks on Boythorpe Road and I look forward to celebrating the day with the whole community”.

Toby helping out in the galley on HMS Collingwood as part of the Parliamentary Armed Forces Scheme

Toby helping out in the galley on HMS Sutherland as part of the Parliamentary Armed Forces Scheme

The Chesterfield Cadets Armed Forces Day will celebrate our Armed Forces and help raise funds and awareness for the Sea and other Cadet units. Chesterfield Sea Cadets is one of the oldest units in

the UK. A number of Armed Forces and community information stalls will be onsite, together with children’s rides, BBQ, Charity Stalls, food and tea stalls, with a flyover from a Battle of Britain aircraft.

Toby added, “Our servicemen and women stand up for us every day, it’s especially important that we stand up for them on Armed Forces Day. I would encourage my constituents to come along to Wallis Barracks on Sunday and show their appreciation for all our Armed Forces personnel and veterans.”

The Wallis Barracks are open from 10am – 4pm on Sunday and will include a march through town from 10.15- 11am. Two weeks later, the Staveley Armed Forces Day will take place at Poolsbrook Country Park on 7th and 8th July.

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Toby with Douglas Fogg, Kevin Fogg and Madeline Makarem

Toby Perkins urges action to save vital ‘Meals On Wheels’ service

Toby Perkins, Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, has called on the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) and Social Services to do all they can to ensure the RVS ‘Meals On Wheels’ service continues to provide meals to over a hundred elderly and vulnerable people in Derbyshire.

The RVS has decided that the service is no longer financially viable and will be closing on the 16th of June, leaving service users and their families concerned about how they will manage. Toby has met with representatives from the RVS and contacted senior managers, but the service is still scheduled for closure and redundancy notices issued to staff.

Toby visited one service user, Mr Douglas Fogg, a celebrated war hero who was recently awarded a medal by the Russian Federation for his role protecting Arctic convoys during the Second World War ( to discuss how important the service is to him.

Toby said, “Like many of the people who use this service, Douglas is keen to remain in his own home and maintain as much independence as possible. The meals he receives enable him to do this. If the RVS cannot run the service, I urge them to work with the County Council’s Adult Social Care team to ensure that a new provider is found before.”

Toby with Douglas Fogg, Kevin Fogg and Madeline Makarem

Toby with Douglas Fogg, Kevin Fogg and Madeline Makarem

“Douglas has strong family support, but many other service users do not. This service is helping people to remain in the community, rather than being forced into residential care which would result in a far greater cost to the public purse. It is in the interests of everyone that this service is maintained.”

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Staveley Matters- Tell us your views on Banking and GPs

Toby with local business owners Keith Bannister and Tony Kay

Chesterfield Labour candidate Toby Perkins needs to hear your views on two issues that are crucial to Staveley and its people.


NatWest have suggested that they will be closing their branch in Staveley. Hundreds of local residents have already signed a petition in an attempt to keep the branch open. Local business owners have said that the closure of the NatWest branch in Staveley will be hugely damaging, both for the running of the businesses and the local economy.

Toby Perkins has spoken to senior management at NatWest who have said that they will provide a weekly mobile branch for businesses and training for internet and telephone banking. However, it is clear that many people in the area remain unhappy. Toby would like to hear your views below.

Doctors Surgeries

Doctors Surgeries in Staveley have been problematic in the last few years. Toby arranged for 600 people to attend a public meeting regarding the problems at Holywell Medical Group in 2014. This resulted in a change of ownership to Royal Primary Care which resulted in immediate improvements. However, whilst the administration has improved, there are again reports of problems with obtaining appointments. Are you a patient at the Inkersall or Rectory Road surgeries, What are you views?

Promoted by Chris Williams on behalf of Toby Perkins. Both at 113 Saltergate, Chesterfield, S40 1NF

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Chesterfield MP would like to hear from constituents who may be affected by potential changes to the prescribing of gluten-free products

Chesterfield MP would like to hear from constituents who may be affected by potential changes to the prescribing of gluten-free products

North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NDCCG) are currently undertaking a review of all services they commission, which could see them stop providing gluten free foods on prescription.

Toby said, “Underfunding of the NHS by the Government is forcing Clinical Commissioning Groups to make some unacceptable and agonising choices about what treatments they can fund or items they can offer on prescription. NDCCG has identified gluten-free prescribing as potentially not being value for money due to insufficient health benefits it provides and this could reduce what the NHS are willing to provide.”

“I am conscious that for many constituents with coeliac disease these prescriptions are crucial and I am keen that their needs should be considered.”

NDCCG are asking for views on the following options for those with a clinical diagnosis of coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis:

Option 1 – Stop providing gluten free foods on prescription altogether

Option 2 – Change the gluten free allowance to eight units per month for everyone eligible for gluten-free food on prescription and have much more limited products available on prescription (e.g. only loaves of bread, pasta and flour allowed on NHS Prescriptions) other products (e.g. breakfast cereals, pizza bases, bread rolls, crackers) would no longer be allowed.

Option 3 – Continue to follow the Coeliac Society’s recommendations for number of units (10 to 18 units depending on the age and sex of the patient) but have limited products available (e.g. only loaves of bread, pasta and flour allowed on NHS prescriptions) other products (e.g. breakfast cereals, pizza bases, bread rolls, crackers) would no longer be allowed, However, the total gluten free allowance would remain the same as it is currently

NDCCG’s consultation will run from 27th February 2017 until Saturday 27th May 2017. The online survey can be completed at:

Further information about drop-in sessions at local surgeries and focus groups can be found on

Toby said, “I am deeply concerned by the pressures facing the NHS and the impact that Government cuts will have on its sustainability. Alongside completing the survey, I hope that any constituents receiving gluten-free products will get in touch to let me know how these change may impact them”

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Arthritis Press Release Picture (2)

People with Arthritis need more support to work, says MP

Toby Perkins MP has called on the government to provide more support for workers with arthritis to help close the ‘arthritis employment gap’

Arthritis is the number one cause of pain, disability and working days lost, according to Arthritis Research UK, which highlighted the issue to Toby Perkins MP at a recent parliamentary briefing. Arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions like back pain affect one in six of us.

Musculoskeletal conditions cause pain, stiffness and fatigue that can make every day work tasks such as sitting, standing, walking, lifting, and typing difficult. They are the leading cause of workplace absence in the UK, causing 32.4 million sick days each year.

Only 60% of working age people with a musculoskeletal condition are in work, compared to 80% among those without a health condition or a disability. This ‘arthritis work gap’ means that 600,000 people with arthritis are currently missing out on the opportunity to work.

Now, following the Government’s Improving Lives consultation on employment support for disabled people, Toby Perkins MP is calling on the Government to ensure that people with arthritis have the support to stay at work for longer:

“It’s clear how enormous the impact of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions is on our local communities. 19,170 residents are living with back pain, a leading cause of sickness absence, in Chesterfield right now – 18.47% % of local people.

“The ability to work is something that we often take for granted, but I’ve learnt today that for those living with arthritis this can be difficult. But with the right support and flexibility many people are able to work.’

“That’s why I’m supporting Arthritis Research UK’s ‘Work Matters to Me’ campaign, putting this vital issue on the map. The Government must ensure that there is a level playing field so that people with arthritis who are able to work have the right support to remain and return to work.”

Dr Liam O’Toole, chief executive officer at Arthritis Research UK, said:

“I’m delighted that Toby Perkins MP is supporting our campaign to give people with arthritis the freedom from their condition in employment, enabling them to live their lives to the full.

“The current situation for people living with the daily pain of arthritis is untenable. Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain are the number one cause for workplace sickness absence in the UK.”

“Our retirement age has increased and we’re an ageing working population, so even more people are going to be living with the pain and unpredictability of arthritis, and face an uncertain working future.”

“But with the right kind of support and job; work can benefit your mental and physical health as well as your financial position.”

“We need to see Government action to address the employment needs of people with long term conditions such as arthritis, so that they have the right support and opportunity to maintain their freedom and quality of life.”

To find out more about working when you are living with arthritis please visit our website at


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