Today is #NationalPotholeDay

Derbyshire has recently been named the worst area in the whole of England for potholes.

Far too often, we see the same stretch of road being closed numerous times so that different organisations – such as highways, broadband installers and utility companies – dig up our roads, needing repeated closures or temporary traffic lights.

We also need proper repairs to our roads, rather than this sticking plaster approach to potholes that again means the Highways Team have to complete the same repairs over and over.

I have written to Derbyshire County Council calling for a different infrastructure strategy to improve road safety and reduce the disruption to local roads. I have also written to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities urging the Government to give the County a fairer share of funds being allocated for pothole repairs.

Everyone is fed up with the chaos on our roads that the County Council are presiding over. We all appreciate the challenging weather, but these are longstanding problems with mismanagement and council policy. We need a long-term strategy rather than this constant firefighting and disruption.

My question to Government Minister on the need for international criminal courts to be empowered to ensure any failure to comply with international law in Israel and Gaza is prosecuted.

I’m unconvinced by the answer to say the least.

Last week I visited Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. They support families with children with life-limiting conditions across Derbyshire. Watch this short film to learn more.

I have spoken to many people in the last few days who have questioned the effectiveness of the early warning flood system and many more who are understandably concerned about the costs of clearing up after the flooding.


I asked the Minister why residents of Tapton Terrace only received a call from the early warning system after their houses had flooded and when the Government will announce what financial support will be available to flood victims and the Council.

I’m back down in Parliament today where I am hoping to get an opportunity to raise the floods that have taken place this weekend. I’ll be looking to raise with the Environment Secretary about the response from the Environment Agency, about the warnings that took place in advance and also to try and understand why all the flood remediation works that had been put in place hadn’t actually worked.
I’ll be doing the parliamentary part of my job today and then back to Chesterfield as soon as I can to make sure that I am aware of the situation that’s ongoing because we don’t want people feeling abandoned.
If anyone does feel they need help, they aren’t getting the help they need, they can still contact my Office and we’ll be there to respond as quickly as we can.

Interviewing Paul and Sarah from Lifehouse Church about their day supporting flood victims in Chesterfield

Careless and thoughtless pavement parking might take a second, but Penny on Guide Dogs UK stand at the Labour Party Conference explains for a blind person it can mean terror, a day ruined and a dangerous dash onto a busy road.

6 Macmillan Coffee Morning visits, scores of volunteers, 6 teas, several cakes, another inch on the waistline, but great pride in the work people across Chesterforld have put in to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support

Chesterfield hedgehog rescue & rehabilitation is an incredibly important organisation. Hedgehogs need support. They’re so important and they are so endangered.
I met with Donna Hatton from Chesterfield Hedgehog Rescue and Rehabilitation to see the work she is doing and discuss the challenges she is facing.
If you’re able to support Donna’s charity please visit the organisation’s Facebook page and give it any support you possibly can.

A number of constituents have contacted me about the Robinson’s site. I recently met with Guy Robinson regarding plans for the site. See my update here.

On the day that Ministers finally accepted that people in areas like Chesterfield are being ripped off by fuel companies, does this answer reassure you that they are on your side?

I asked the Chancellor to admit to the 8,600 mortgage holders in Chesterfield facing an average mortgage increase of £1,900 per year that whilst he blames global factors, he won’t explain why it is more severe for local people than it is for our European neighbours

This Saturday and Sunday Staveley Canal Basin hosts the Staveley Canal Festival. I spoke to Mark Potter, from the Chesterfield Canal Trust and Tricia Gilby for Brimington and Tapton to look ahead to the weekend’s festivities.

As mortgage rates soar, I asked the Minister why, the Conservative Party, which once prided itself on being the party of homeowners, now has nothing to offer mortgage holders or those who dream of homeownership.

Mental Health is not a minority issue. 1 in 4 people will experience a common mental health problem.


Please watch my speech in Parliament, where I raise the lack of treatment and support locally and across the country. It is welcome that the Labour Party has committed to additional funding to address these issues.

Following the revelations about social services and court’s role in Finley Bowden’s murder trial I asked Suella Braverman why the Government is not adopting the review recommendation about a new English child protection authority. See also the Home Secretary’s response.

It is hugely alarming to hear that Staveley Town Council is effectively bankrupt and has been unable to pay staff wages promptly or fully since November.
I have asked the Speaker if the DLUHC will make a statement or intervene to ensure the crisis is investigated and the full situation resolved for the people of Staveley. Following her reply I will write to DLUHC.

My speech in Parliament about how Chesterfield’s Christmas critical incident demonstrates the need for Labour’s long-term plan for our NHS

Toby’s question to the Health Secretary following the worst winter on record for the NHS. Even Tory MPs recognise that Labour has a long-term plan for our #NHS and this government doesn’t.

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday. I have been inviting people across Chesterfield to nominate their favourite small businesses and we’ve had a number of different businesses nominated.
I’m going to be going out on Small Business Saturday to highlight all of those great places to do your Christmas shopping. We don’t need everyone on the internet buying from the massive companies when we have got so many great retailers around Chesterfield.

The BBC is uniquely funded and needs to provide unique services. In Chesterfield we are well served by Radio Sheffield and Radio Derby.


The BBC shouldn’t be trying to compete with streaming services, instead it should preserve services that are precious and unique, like BBC Radio.

I asked the Education Minister when she knew about the delays to BTEC results this year and why she didn’t insist on the number of students affected being made public.


It’s odd that she can’t remember when she was told, unless it was before results day and she didn’t even attempt to answer the second part of my question.

Toby Perkins’ speech in the Economic responsibility and a plan for growth Opposition Day Debate

The arrangements for Ukrainian families fleeing the war in Ukraine are coming to an end and there is a real danger that we could see Ukrainian families on the streets this Christmas.
The Minister’s response didn’t reassure me that the Government are doing everything they can to prevent this. He was more interested in paying tribute to his predecessor.

I urged the Defence Minister to ensure that everyone who commits war crimes, whether they are in command or regular soldiers, are brought to justice and that we maintain the pressure on Putin by doing everything we can to increase the scale of desertions from the Russian army.

I have just taken the oath of allegiance to King Charles III in Parliament.

It was an honour to give this tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Parliament on behalf of the people of Chesterfield and Staveley.

Many ambulances are waiting outside A&Es instead of being in the community helping people.

WATCH – I urged the Secretary of State to ensure that patients are seen by A&E departments rather than waiting outside in ambulances.

Toby’s speech during the Westminster Hall debate on breed specific legislation for dogs

This is a government that stands against aspiration for deprived children.

WATCH – Putting the Secretary of State on the spot with the facts which prove the government has brought biggest cuts.

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The bravery and skill of the Ukrainian army must 4show us that the constant reduction in size of the British Army is Folly.

WATCH – My question to the Foreign Secretary on the need for a statement confirming a reversal of further Army cuts.

This is a “Get back in your place” government whose policies are the barrier to working class aspiration not the solution.

Watch my question to the Education Minister, her (non) answer and the Speaker’s response to her objection.

Today I asked Boris Johnson to confirm Russia would face further sanctions unless it withdrew from the Donbas region in #Ukraine and not only if it transgressed further.

WATCH – My question today to the Minister asking what the Government are doing to ensure other club’s claims against Derby County don’t prevent them being purchased.

It was disappointing that the Sports Minister wasn’t there for all the questions. I raised a Point of Order to urge relevant ministers to attend matters of this importance in future.

We’ve all had Prime Ministers we didn’t rate or agree with, but none have debased the Office like this one.

WATCH – My question to Boris Johnson at #PMQs today and his answer.

Many People in Chesterfield have been asking about booster vaccine availability.

I had a long conversation about it today and thisis the full local picture

I spoke to Derbyshire CCG this afternoon and they had not been given the assurances needed to deliver the expansion of the Booster Programme the Prime Minister promised yesterday.

I have just raised their concerns with Sajid Javid – here’s what he had to say

Even before Covid the Apprenticeship Levy has led to a 36% reduction in the number of people doing apprenticeships and the Charted Iinstitute of Personnel and Development described the Levy as having failed by every measure.

The Secretary of State’s answer to my question shows the Government have no plan to address their failure on apprenticeships.

My speech from the front bench summarising the debate on the skills bill.

The bill is in danger of being a huge missed opportunity. It lacks a strategic vision, is undermined by its lack of scale and urgency and fails to address failure on apprenticeships at all.

I visited the Stagecoach depot in Chesterfield today where we discussed their efforts to increase recruitment to address staff shortages.

I also got the chance to drive a bus. Anyone fancy me driving the number 39 next week?

With Gaz Jackson, from National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) discussing their compaign to improve staff wages and end the bus driver shortage here in Chesterfield. I have also spoken to Stagecoach today and I hope they can agree a deal so that industrial action is averted.

This year it is important that as many people as possible receive the flu jab. I went to Peak Pharmacy to get mine and discussed why this year’s rollout was so critical.

It’s particularly agonising when a woman is murdered when opportunities weren’t taken to help them, as happened in the Gracie Spinks’ case.
In this question in Parliament, I made the case that there must be a more consistent approach to spare more families of young women from this anguish.

The Tories take the East Midlands for granted.

My speech in Parliament on the need for the Staveley bypass, failure on HS2 and why safe Tory seats means the East Midlands is back of the queue for investment.

Earlier this week #ListeningtoChesterfield came to Brimington South with Cllr Ian Callan and the Leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, Cllr Tricia Gilby

This summer I will be speaking to local people in every ward in the constituency. As Chesterfield’s MP it is important that I know what local people think so please take the time to speak to me and my team or complete the survey if it comes through your letterbox.

I won’t be able to get to every house in Chesterfield, but you can complete the survey online at

Today I visited Juniper Training, a provider of training and apprenticeships in Chesterfield.

I discussed Labour’s wage subsidy idea and challenges and opportunities in apprenticeships with management and learners.

Courts backlog is a nightmare for victims of crime.

I told the House of Commons that my constituent, a multiple victim of violence at the hands of a single perpetrator can’t wait for Government court backlog in order to start being safe.

The Defence Secretary’s angry tirade can’t hide the truth. This government claimed that armed force strength would be secured under them in 2019, then they cut out army by 10,000 within 18 months.

Never believe that Britain is safer under the Tories.

The Government don’t say what they mean as my response to the Queen’s Speech exposes.

I agree with the Minister about the Great work of Primary Care Networks, but my question was why are they prioritising national centres when the Chesterfield Hub is only open 2 days next week.

Following the concerns raised this week I was delighted to see the enforcement measures and efficient diligence of all the team down at the Winding Wheel centre. Here, Dr PJ Flann updates us on the latest situation in Chesterfield.

Even Tory MPs are rightly raising the concern that BTEC exam indecision creates two tier student groups.

My question on the victims of the Secretary of State’s serial indecision.

This is the food parcel that Tory Derbyshire Council are providing for free school meals children for 2 weeks. It replaced a £30 voucher, so I went shopping to see how much it cost – just £14.14.

Shameful profiteering at the expense of hungry kids.

The Health Secretary’s arrogant and dismissive response to this question is an insult to people in Chesterfield, to the hospitality sector and to every school teacher who still has no idea what the plans for January are.

Our Armed Forces have done great work helping the UK to combat COVID.

My question and the Ministry of Defence Minister’s answer exposes how stretched our Armed Forces are and lack of new requests for help.

Britain’s publicans are facing a catastrophic Christmas. I have been contacted by many publicans who say that a lack of a financial package may mean they don’t open their doors again.

I urged the Chancellor to introduce financial support that might see them through the winter.

Toby Perkins’ speech in the debate about #UnionLearn abolition. A nakedly political choice to reduce life chances for low paid workers because Gavin Williamson can’t stand unions.

The Government have had 8 months to provide support for all the Excluded UK workers. I raised the issue of SME business owners, if they go under so do their firms and their employees. The Minister’s response offers them nothing.

Businesses and workers are angry in Chesterfield and I am too. My angry exchange with the Prime Minister in Parliament today in which I told him that his failure to act decisively would cost lives and livelihoods.

“They don’t even lie well.”


The government’s naked attempt to divide the North and seek political advantage from the Tier 3 Covid row has really made me mad, as I expressed in this speech Today.

Toby’s question to Matt Hancock on the Government selling out the North.

It says everything about this Government that they believe that paying £7,000 per day to consultants to work on the failing rest and trace programme is an adequate amount while at the same time thinking £8 per head is enough support for people in Manchester and across the Midlands and North to go into Tier 3

Proud to give my support to @AoC_info #LoveOurColleges Week.

Colleges are the heart of our communities and essential to our post-Covid recovery #CollegesWeek During #LoveOurColleges Week I’d like to pay tribute to our FE colleges who perform sterling work in the face of a decade of govt cuts #CollegesWeek

Labour want Colleges to have the resources they need to help lead Britain out of a jobs crisis. That’s why we #loveourcolleges #collegesweek

Toby Perkins’ message to local people after the news earlier that Chesterfield will move to the High Covid alert level from midnight on Friday.

Toby Perkins speech on Track and Trace

Toby asks the Prime Minister what support will be offered to those pubs that manage to stay open but have become an unviable business due to the restrictions that they must adhere to.

Toby asks the Apprenticeship Minister why the Government’s policies on apprenticeships have the effect of reducing the amount of people doing level 2 and level 3 apprenticeships.

Toby Perkins asks what suport the Government is providing for publicans who are abiding by Government restrictions that mean a loss of trade.

Toby Perkins asks the Sports Secretary what the Government’s plans are to support clubs like Chesterfield FC who suffered a hammer blow when fan return was postponed.

Toby questions the Education Minister about funding support for the FE sector

Toby Perkins asks the Leader of the House if there can be a debate in Government time regarding HS2’s objections to an extension of Chesterfield Canal and their belief that the two projects are curently incompatible.

Toby Perkins asks the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care what can be done to ensure the testing system works when in people in Chesterfield have not experienced the ‘world class’ system the Government promised.

Toby Perkins visits Chesterfield College on GCSE results day but is woried about the delays to BTEC results being released

Toby Perkins, , gives his views on Adoption UK’s Better Futures report and what needs to be done to properly support adopted young people in education.

Toby Perkins visits the Coronavirus Testing Centre at the Proact Stadium which has just opened for the general public

Toby Perkins urges the Home Secretary to make sure that she has the resources available to ensure that those affected by the Windrush scandal have their applications to stay in the UK dealt with urgently.

Toby Perkins tells the House of Commons that regional scrutiny of politics plays a vital role in holding local MPs to accountin debate about ‘review’ of regional #BBC Sunday Politics and Inside Out.

Toby Perkins’ question to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury asking whether the Government were going to review the Self Emplyed Suport Scheme to make it better and ensure those that need the support have access to it.

Toby questions the Leader of the House of about the dificulty that local people are facing regarding getting appointments for Coronavirus tests at the Proact Stadium

VAR Westminster Hall debate – 17/03/2020

Toby Perkins’ question to the Defence Minister.

Toby’s speech in the Social Care debate where he spoke against Derbyshire County Council’s plans to close The Spinney in Brimington, the impact that 9 years of austerity has had on social care and why many Local Authorities are setting care companies up to provide inadequate care when they tender contracts.

I told the Housing Secretary that the Government have caused homelessness through their benefit cuts which meant that one bedroom flats are unaffordable to people on benefits. I hope he takes the action he hints at.

Toby Perkins’ speech in the Homelessness debate – 29/01/2020

Toby asks the Welfare Minister if the Government will pay housing element of Universal Credit to Landlords instead of claimants. The Minister’s response misses the point completely.

Toby’s speech during the debate about the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill

Toby Perkins is sworn in as the Member of Parliament for Chesterfield

Ross Kemp visited Chesterfield to show his support for Toby Perkins ahead of the General Election.

Jonathan Ashworth visits Chesterfield

Toby announces that up until the General Election he will be highlighting the things he has done for Chesterfield.

Toby’s intervention on the Prime Minister – 14/10/2019

Toby asks the First Secretary of State if he would confirm that domestic violence victims wouldn’t be denied crucial legislation being enacted by proroguing parliament.

Toby discusses plans to hold a meeting to gain information regarding local residents’ concerns about Hasland Hall Community School.

Toby spoke at the demonstration at DXC about potential job losses.

Toby’s question to the Prime Minister about the fact that schools, like Brampton Primary School, with higher numbers of SEN children face a funding penalty for their commitment.

Toby asks the Minister what he is able to tell us about the bidding process and how many compliant bids there were for the East Midland rail service and what benefits constituent in Chesterfield will see when the service moves to Abellio trains.

Toby’sspeech in the Local Government and Social Care Funding debate where he highlighted the positive work that Chesterfield Borough Council have done despite a huge 43.2% cut to Government funding compared to a 12% cut to the Secretary of State’s Local Authority.

Toby also raised the difficulties that the Social Care industry is experiencing and said that the Government need to step up to the mark and convince us they are serious about the social care funding crisis.

Toby’s interventions where he raises the fact that the Government have cut 43% of Chesterfield’s Local Government grant but in Secretary of State’s area (Old Bexley & Sidcup) cuts are just 12%, asked the Secretary of State if he recognised that the dozens of care homes and domestic care.

Toby Perkins asks the Minister what the Government are doing to bring serious pressure on Iran, not only on Human Rights abuses in their own country but in the appalling role they play across the Middle East.

Toby recently visited Our Vision Our Future to discuss their recent grant of £239,356 from the National Lottery

Toby refers to the amazing commitment to the Labour Party of Charles Smith MBE who died at 98 recently, having been a member for 84 years.

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